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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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April 4, 2018 |

Wasabi Technologies Launches New Hot Cloud Storage Client for Mac and Windows

Easy to Use Hot Cloud Storage Solution Now Available to Enterprises, SMBs, and Consumers

Wasabi, the price and performance leader in hot cloud storage that’s 80% cheaper and 6x the speed of Amazon S3, announces the beta availability of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Client for Mac and Windows, a free simple plug-and-play application that allows users to easily drag-and-drop files onto a desktop, the same way they would with an external drive. The new offering is viewed as a safe, long-term and reliable cloud-based replacement for storing data on traditional external hard drives where it is common to experience disk failure or accidental deletion or overwriting of files.

Users can now economically store large data files such as video and multimedia content, high-resolution images, engineering and scientific data, and more at a dramatically low cost. Created specifically to be used by employees for personal storage or for businesses looking for a different type of cloud NAS approach, the application takes one click to install and requires no specialized API provisioning or knowledge. From the Wasabi website, users can download a small app that easily installs onto their computer. This app creates two Wasabi hot cloud storage disk drives in†Mac Finder†or Windows File Explorer.† One drive allows for full read / write access and the other drive is an immutable drive that is set for ‘write once, read many times’ as a means of protecting files and folders against accidental or malicious deletions or modifications.†

“For every IT pro who knows how to use an S3 API, there are probably ten non-technical people who simply want to move files into safe long-term storage,” notes†David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “So, we thought, ‘Why can’t we make our industrial-strength cloud storage this easy to use for everyone?’ That’s what we have done with Wasabi Client for Mac and Windows so individual users can enjoy the safety, security, and speed of hot cloud storage without having to run to the IT department for assistance.”

Wasabi Client for Mac and Windows is ideal for small-to-medium sized enterprises who don’t want the cost and hassle of managing a data center. It also is well suited for universities and their students, advertising and marketing agencies, law offices and more. Wasabi Client for Mac and Windows is ideal for independent workgroups or research initiatives as well. For consumers, the product is perfectly suited for safely storing long-term content like family photos and videos directly from the desktop with no external devices.

Users can also be reassured that their data is physically safe in Wasabi hot cloud storage, as files are integrity checked every 90 days so they never degrade. Wasabi Client for Mac and Windows automatically creates a special immutable storage drive to safeguard critical data against bug-ridden software, hackers, malware or other mishaps at no additional cost. This means files stored on the immutable drive cannot be deleted or modified by anyone – including Wasabi. Wasabi Client for Mac and Windows also offers larger companies a highly affordable option that is less than the cost of annual maintenance fees for on premise storage, and is a fraction of the price of other cloud storage providers. Wasabi also features free unlimited egress so users don’t have to pay to retrieve their data.

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