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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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March 28, 2018 |

HP Introduces World’s Most Powerful Workstation for Machine Learning Development

Solutions Designed to Transform, Speed and Radically Simplify Development Workflows Using Artificial Intelligence

HP unveiled a set of industry-leading machine learning (ML) solutions, including the HP Z8, the world’s most powerful workstation for ML development1. HP Z Workstations, with new NVIDIA technology, are ideal for local processing at the edge of the network – giving developers more control, better performance and added security over cloud-based solutions. The use of workstations for machine learning development is the gateway to automating workflows in areas such as facial identification, sentiment analysis, fraud detection and predictive analytics.

“We’re on the cusp of a new era of innovation powered by machine learning technology that enables customers to analyze, predict and problem solve in ways never thought possible. Artificial intelligence will transform workflows and empower end users to make smarter decisions, more quickly, than ever before,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc.† “HP’s latest solutions provide ground-breaking performance and scalability, offering the most powerful and comprehensive ML edge computing solution. Products like the HP Z8, the most powerful workstation for ML development, coupled with the new NVIDIA Quadro GV100, the HP ML Developer Portal and our expanded services offerings will undoubtedly fast-track the adoption of machine learning.”

As machine learning algorithms advance and data sets grow, the platform of choice for ML development is local processing at the edge of the network. A powerful workstation can be more cost effective than the cloud for creating complex models with mountains of data. In addition, machine learning at the edge gives ML developers more control, better performance and added security, leading to faster results. Prior to this generation of HP Z Desktop Workstations, limited power budgets prevented users from packing their machines with enough high-performance storage such as HP Z Turbo Drive, memory, graphics, and processing to train the model with significant amounts of data to achieve high confidence levels. In order to bring all that power to bear most efficiently on solution creation, the HP ML Developers Portal now provides state-of-the-art tools, such as HP curated software stacks, as well as support for NVIDIA GPU Cloud.

The time-to-market, local control, economic value, superior power and security of HP Z Workstations are proving strong value propositions for all developers. The power of ML edge computing solutions is being leveraged by companies across industries, from geosciences to gaming.

For more than 80 years, CGG, a leader in cutting-edge geoscience, has been imaging the Earth’s subsurface to help clients locate natural resources.† CGG processes terabytes of seismic data to help their clients find where to drill by uncovering key geological features like faults in the bedrock. †

“CGG is using AI to develop breakthrough solutions for Geoscience,” said Steve Dominguez, team lead – Seismic Interpretation Software, CGG. “Our terabyte-sized data sets choke many systems, but our HP Z Workstation platform for Machine Learning at the Edge can handle these extreme workloads. This enables CGG to create our models faster and at lower cost than cloud or other options.”

In addition to enhancing productivity in commercial industries, machine learning is also impacting creative professionals, enabling them to offer uniquely enhanced experiences to their customers.

“†Mobalytics is all about using AI-based machine learning to help gamers understand their performance and provide them with personalized advice on how they can improve their gaming skills,”†said Bogdan Suchyk, CEO, and Co-Founder of Mobalytics. “†Besides partnering with HP’s OMEN team based on a common vision to help gamers get better, we have also started to deploy HP’s ML solution to be more efficient.”

The security features of HP Z Workstations, the world’s most secure desktop workstations2, is another plus for developers who demand the protection of IP and private data. Users can protect against the evolving malware threats with self-healing, hardware-enforced, and manageable security solutions. Finally, †HP is extending its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering to ML solutions. HP DaaS is a modern, multi-OS service model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip users with the right hardware, support and lifecycle services to get the job done – improving end-user productivity, IT efficiency and cost predictability.

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