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November 15, 2017 |

Safetica Offers MSPs and MSSPs Route to New Recurring Revenue Streams by Enabling Delivery of Data Leak Prevention Solution

Implementing and managing Data Leak Prevention technology for clients drives new recurring revenue and promotes stickiness for service providers

Safetica, creators of data leak prevention software that stops data leaks and theft without changing the way employees work, is announcing their first-ever North American partner program for managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs).† The 11-year-old company protects data by understanding how information is used and shared within businesses, and has developed their partner program to encourage MSPs and MSSPs to drive recurring revenue by adding Data Leak Prevention (DLP) to their services offerings.

Safetica opened its doors in†North America†in 2016, and has built a solid base of partners and clients since then.††Luke Walling, North American GM, began his career as a MSP before transitioning to high-profile channel leadership roles in the cyber security space.† His focus has always been on security, and he knows what service providers need to be successful.††††

“We’re not here to pump up a typical, boring channel program. Portals, newsletters, SPIFFs—sure, we do all that.††But, we do something more important:†We help our partners add a net-new source of revenue to their business.††Your clients need ways to control the flow of data in their environments; we’ll teach you how to do that and make money along the way,” he said.

Traditionally, DLP hasn’t been a focus for MSPs.† It’s actually been an anomaly—many providers don’t understand it themselves, let alone want to offer it to their clients.† “With big-time breaches in the news every day, and the DLP market expected to hit†$1.7 billion†by 2019, it’s time for providers to step up, take control of their client’s data, and earn a piece of the pie,” Walling said.†

“Everyone thinks about threats coming into businesses, but what about what’s going out?† Financial and healthcare data, client lists, system designs, credit card numbers—all of this is at risk,” he continued.†††

To create a program that service providers would want to participate in, Walling decided to strip away the fluff.† “Yes, we provide the typical partner stuff, but more importantly, we give you healthy margins and show you how to drive revenue from all stages of a DLP sale.† We want our partners to make money on the initial proof of concept all the way to managing and hosting the product as a service,” he said.† “This is how we are different.”

Jay Bedovoy, owner of Capaxion, a New Jersey MSP, saw the opportunity with Safetica nearly one year ago.† Security had always been a focus for the company, but recently, they found a new revenue stream with DLP.†

“DLP creates a huge opportunity for MSPs.† Not only does it help you bring forward a proactive security solution, but you create new revenue streams with implementation and ongoing management.† Safetica has allowed us to do what most MSPs want most: generate recurring monthly revenue and be sticky,” Bedovoy said.

With Safetica, Capaxion now drives revenue through pre-sales consultation, product sales and deployment, and by managing and hosting Safetica in their in-house data center.† To get to this end with their first DLP client, the Capaxion team leaned on Safetica.

“It was the best decision we could’ve made.† Safetica had our back and did a good job representing us,” Bedovoy said.

It’s this kind of support and training that makes Walling confident that Safetica can shake up the channel, and Bedovoy agrees.† “A unique collaboration like this one, between a MSP and software vendor, has the potential to be a game changer in the industry,” he said.

Safetica is now onboarding partners and providing training that enables providers to start talking about DLP with clients and prospects.† Since data leaks are a real problem for businesses of all types and sizes, the market is tremendous.†††

According to Bedovoy, when approaching this conversation with a client or prospect who hasn’t yet experienced a data leak, the best approach is to address what DLP software could save the business if a leak were to happen.

“Explain the risk reduction. Show them the savings it could bring them. The cost of Safetica doesn’t even compare to the potential savings,” he said.

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