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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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April 12, 2011 |

Lenovo Adds Browser-Based Access to Windows Apps for Cloud-Ready Clients

Secure Cloud Access is powered Stoneware’s webNetwork and enables cloud-based applications to interact with end-user devices.

Secure Cloud Access is powered by Stoneware’s webNetwork and enables cloud-based applications to interact with end-user devices.

Lenovo is calling its new Cloud Ready Clients the industry’s first. The products include ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktop PCs powered by second generation Intel Core or Core vPro processors. They feature Intel-developed Application Programming Interfaces that expose key hardware attributes of the client to cloud applications.

Along with its Cloud Ready Clients, Lenovo is also rolling out Secure Cloud Access (SCA), which is powered by Stoneware’s webNetwork, as a means of improving the way cloud-based applications interact with end-user devices, including the Cloud Ready Clients.

SCA gives users access to Web or local and published Microsoft Windows applications on nearly any device via browser-based interface that mimics the look and feel of their normal Windows setup.

SCA enables businesses to deploy a private/hybrid cloud inside the data center on physical or virtual servers, which is designed to simplify application delivery and services to users. Users can access the Web-based desktop via an Internet connection and a Java-enabled browser.

“For cloud computing to be truly effective, the cloud must recognize the client device and its capabilities, and the applications and resources have to be capable of exposing themselves to the cloud,” says Rich Cheston, Lenovo’s executive director and distinguished engineer. “SCA levels the playing field between cloud application and device by mirroring what users are already familiar with while creating an easy management experience for the IT staff.”

When users access a cloud service from their Cloud Ready Client or from a different device, SCA recognizes situational cues, including the user authentication method, capabilities of the device being used, time of day, location, and network. SCA secures and guides the delivery by allocating local or cloud-based resources based upon these situational cues.

If the user is operating a Lenovo Cloud Ready Client, SCA detects the device’s capabilities, such as processor performance, free memory, graphics, and available bandwidth and takes advantage of those capabilities to optimize application delivery and end user experience securely.

SCA delivers enhanced security for both users and IT managers with the application and access, including support for SSL or VPN access, integration with Active Directory, eDirectory or LDAP solutions, and the ability to add additional levels of authentication in situations or on devices where authentication doesn’t already exist.

SCA minimizes cloud virus contamination by granting users access to their organizations’ applications and print and file resources without permitting any access to the organizations’ Intranet.

Additionally, by allowing single sign-on to applications (Windows or Web, internal or hosted) and services, SCA simplifies access so businesses can reduce IT management overhead associated with password resets. To further improve single sign-on access and security, a Lenovo Cloud Ready Client with built-in finger print reader can complement or replace application unique passwords.

Secure Cloud Access is available through Lenovo sales and Lenovo business partners. Pricing starts at approximately $80 per user for commercial customers.

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