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March 14, 2011 |

Telcentris Introduces Hosted Contact Center and Two New White Label VoIP Offerings

The company now offers a three-product white label series through its channel, plus a Hosted Contact Center with the highest commission available for partners.

Telcentris, a cloud communications vendor, has launched WL2 †and WL3 , two new white label offerings that expand the company’s portfolio from a single entrance-level package to a three-product suite. Telcentris is offering its white label products, including private-brand SIP trunking, hosted IP-PBX, carrier services, and more, through its Channel Partner Program.

Telcentis is has also launched Hosted Contact Center, its next-generation hosted product for inbound and outbound call center management. Designed specifically for the cloud, the new platform offers inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), predictive dialing, call recording and monitoring, full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, and more. The scalable hosted contact center requires minimal upfront investment and can be deployed in a matter of days, and is well-suited for small and midsize companies.

The white label products are:

WL – Telcentris’ original turnkey, managed VoIP enablement product, launched in December 2010. This offering, which includes a number of pre-packaged VoIP products and services ready for private labeling, is best suited for resellers and entrepreneurs looking to enter the VoIP market with an upfront investment of $5,000. Package highlights include:

  • Carrier-grade billing platform
  • Administrator portal
  • Fully branded members portal
  • Customized invoice template
  • Simple pricing model
  • Transaction detail reporting
  • Ability to assign purchased numbers
  • Ability to create customers and accounts
  • Ability to modify offerings, tariffs, subscriptions, and plans

WL2 – This new offering mirrors the original white label solution model but also grants the customer API access and more control over functionality, interfaces, troubleshooting, and product pricing. This solution is designed for more technical audiences such as interconnects, MSPs, ITSPs and carriers, but also may be utilized by resellers and entrepreneurs with access to technical resources. The initial setup fee is $10,000. WL2 offers all of the original white label product’s features and services, and also adds features, such as:

  • Access to all of the original WL offering’s features and services
  • API accessibility
  • User access level management
  • Personal DID inventory
  • Troubleshooting tools (ability to access SIP logs, billing logs and call tracing)
  • Cost / revenue reporting
  • Ability to create customer plans, tariffs, and representatives

WL3 – This takes white labeling to the next level of customization and scalability. Similar to a hosted or partitioned softswitch, this offering grants full access to Telcentris’ underlying technology platform and is geared towards more technical audiences, including interconnects, ITSPs, MSOs, ILECs, CLECs, IXCs and other international telcos, who may want to add VoIP services to their portfolio but have existing carrier relationships and/or advanced customization needs. The setup cost is $15,000 plus usage and a support contract. WL3 capabilities include access to all features plus:

  • Oversubscription (concurrent call sessions)
  • Direct carrier interconnections
  • LCR platform
  • Vendor usage reporting
  • Ability to create resellers and sub-customers
  • Ability to create products and vendor tariffs

All white label customers receive web-based interactive training sessions spanning three to five days. Channel commissions on the white label series vary based on services sold.

However, Hosted Contact Center is available with the company’s highest channel commission structure of 20 percent commissions for agent partners and higher for eligible Master Agents.

Telcentris’ Hosted Contact Center solution addresses a spectrum of customer requirements, offering packages with any combination of the following feature highlights:

  • Inbound ACD – Full automatic routing capabilities useful for validation of callers, call forwarding, balancing the use of phone lines, and other services. Advanced routing features include: Skills-based routing, geographic call distribution, and self-service complex Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Outbound predictive dialing/preview dialing – Able to support thousands of simultaneous call center agents.
  • Call recording and monitoring – Available for both inbound and outbound calls. Additional tracking features include: real-time statistics, real-time reporting, detailed reporting, and more.
  • CRM integration – Contact center API can be used to integrate with any number of third-party applications and CRM packages, including
  • Other features include: Unlimited queues, event-based messaging, web-based administration, CTI/screen pops, live chat, click-to-talk / click-to-queue, reverse matching, robust scripting/survey engine, DTMF queue events and more.

The hosted call center solution can be deployed within a matter of days and there is only one network, maintained by Telcentris, enhancing a customer’s IT productivity and a faster deployment. The completely customizable solution can scale easily for changing call volume needs from just a few agents to thousands, either centrally located or distributed throughout a unified network.

Telcentris offers flexible packages, allowing customers to pay for only the number of seats necessary. Hosted Contact Center pricing ranges between $90 and $125 per seat monthly, plus usage charges. Packages can include DIDs and/or toll-free phone numbers, and leverage Telcentris’ powerful VoIP network, service delivery platform, calling rates, and business-grade telephony products such as hosted IP-PBX and SIP trunking.

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