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April 14, 2010 |

Case Study: GFI MAX RemoteManagement – North Country Technology Group

GFI MAX RemoteManagement Customer Case Study with North Country Technology Group, Inc. (NCTG)—an outsourced IT management provider for small and midsized companies in North San Diego County, California.

Case Study: GFI MAX RemoteManagement – North Country Technology Group

Company: North Country Technology Group
Location: North San Diego County, California, USA
Industry: Outsourced IT management provider
Product in use: GFI MAX

North County Technology Group, Inc. (NCTG) is an outsourced IT management provider for small and midsized companies in North San Diego County, California. It provides, installs, maintains and services IT networks to ensure stability and productivity for its customers, backed up by a reliable and fast support infrastructure.

Founded in 2002 by Michael Brunson and Karen Christian, NCTG provides the framework to enable its customers to get the most value out of their investment and position their business for what lies ahead in a computer savvy world. “We are driven to support our customer’s needs and to make sense out of how technology can support their specific operation. Our ultimate goal is to transform computer systems into meaningful tools that help and not hinder a business,” explained IT Consultant Karen Christian.

Christian was looking for a network monitoring suite to actively check the status on each of her customers’ network infrastructure 24/7; she trialed a variety of solutions including GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, which she downloaded as a 30-day free trial from the website. “GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, did everything we asked of it and negated the need to employ a support engineer,” she enthused. “In addition, we found that it has very minimal system requirements so we didn’t need to buy a new server specifically for it to run on or obtain additional bandwidth, which was required for many of the other solutions on the market.”

, formerly HoundDog, is a server monitoring system designed especially for IT support companies and managed service providers. Written from the ground up to be easy to use and quick to install, GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, allows support companies to monitor all of the ‘live’ IT at their customers’ sites, offering proactive alerting to issues relating to disk space, TCP ports, failed RAID disks, website downtime and more. GFI MAX’s, formerly HoundDog, technology can easily be skinned by resellers and IT service companies to provide the illusion that it is bespoke technology, thus giving them a USP. “We have added our own branding to the solution and I often undertake presentations to customers and prospects showing exactly how simple and easy it is to set up. It’s almost like magic how GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, can be installed in under five minutes,” says Christian. “In addition, the interface is extremely simple, intuitive and easy to use.”

Christian is particularly impressed by GFI MAX’s, formerly HoundDog, centralized data repository and utilizes this facility by checking the dashboard view first thing every morning. “I can check all hardware, such as our customer’s 30 servers and drive space utilization and applications, such as antivirus and email. In a matter of seconds, GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, gives me a snapshot of what is going on and provides me with an early warning mechanism for any potential problems on my clients’ systems,” explains Christian.

Because of GFI MAX’s, formerly HoundDog, web-based approach, customers like NCTG can access the information from any location, even remotely via my mobile phone. “When I am travelling I can access the mobile dashboard via an Internet connection and focus immediately on the problem,” says Christian.

Even the smallest of issues on a corporate network can quickly migrate to something catastrophic to its bottom line, but GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, provides piece of mind for NCTG and its customers. “As well as having the dashboard up, my business partner and I are both sent email alerts the moment anything happens, so that we can pre-empt any support calls from our clients. Putting it simply, GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, does all the watching for us, ensuring that we know customers’ systems better than they do.”

“GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, is not only a tool for outsourced IT providers to be able to better service their client base but can provide an additional revenue stream for them too,” says GFI MAX’s General Manager, Doug Wilson. “NCTG has typified this and created a successful business plan around our network monitoring technology and is clearly reaping the benefits.”

“In my view GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, is ‘top dog’ and provides NCTG with an important competitive advantage in a crowded market place by being able to offer our customers 24/7 comprehensive monitoring of their networks,” added Christian.

For more information about GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, please visit

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