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December 9th, 2022 | ChannelPro Weekly
No one likes problems, everyone likes money, and the two have a habit of going together. Quite a conundrum, no? - read more
November 9th, 2022 | Kim Biddings
Biometric systems offer a convenient and secure way to guarantee that a person can’t forget, lose, or hand off their authentication method. - read more
September 28th, 2021 | Wesley Dunnington
The ideal outcome for a passwordless approach is to both eliminate user friction and mitigate security risks. - read more
August 23rd, 2021 | Jennifer Oladipo
Physical security and cybersecurity are good places for IoT integrators to get started. - read more
December 9th, 2020 | ChannelPro
The complementary technology brands are strategically aligned with the media company’s IT business that includes The ChannelPro Network and IoT Playbook brands. - read more
Press Release
September 3rd, 2020 | ChannelPro
iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC) monitors and manages threats from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, including the use of deepfakes State-of-the-art facility secures biometric assurance across all geographies to protect organizations against the risk of evolving attacks Survey data shows that 88% of consumers think online security threats are growing and 75% would be more likely to use an online service that protects against deepfake crime - read more
Press Release
February 25th, 2020 | ChannelPro
FIDO2 standard support replaces passwords with Windows Hello and Apple’s Touch ID and Face ID for greater productivity and stronger security - read more
January 31st, 2019 | Randy Abrams
While fingerprints, retina scans, and other techniques are gaining traction, they are vulnerable to spoofing attacks, data manipulation, and high false acceptance and rejection rates. - read more
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