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Websense Combines Web and Data Security with Mobile Device Management

The company's new mobile security solution combines web security, data security, and malicious app and mobile malware protection with MDM features. By Admin

Websense has added Websense TRITON Mobile Security to its TRITON suite of offerings. TRITON Mobile Security combines four key elements. First, content-aware data security features prevent confidential data loss on iPads, iPhones, Android, and other mobile devices. Second, it provides real-time Web and application security, policy controls, and reporting for added visibility into the mobile risk profile. Third, it prevents malicious app downloads and blocks mobile malware. And finally, it includes mobile device management (MDM).

The new Websense TRITON Mobile Security solution controls mobile device security, risk, and compliance on mobile wireless networks and public Wi-Fi networks. Unlike MDM offerings, Websense integrates leading Web, email, data, and mobile security with the Websense TRITON platform.

With Websense TRITON Mobile Security, customers can enable the business while helping prevent data loss and IP theft, increasing productivity, reducing network exposure to vulnerabilities, and remaining compliant. It delivers mobile security via the cloud for remote workers anytime and anywhere. Reporting and controls, which are part of the unified TRITON management console, provide customers visibility into their mobile risk profile for devices, apps, data, and user activity. This visibility will include insight on which devices are connecting to the corporate network and to confidential information, what apps are on the devices, and what Web activity and cloud applications may have put data at risk.

The security effectiveness of the Websense TRITON Mobile Security solution is based on ACE (the Advanced Classification Engine). Real-time, inline contextual defenses within ACE use security, data, and content classifiers that adjust dynamically, based on composite risk scoring. Security intelligence and analytics in ACE come from the ThreatSeeker Network, which unites more than 850 million end points and analyzes 3-5 billion requests per day from social networks, websites, and email. Mobile app research on hundreds of thousands of apps also enables machine learning and analytics on permissions, commands, authorship, and other characteristics for effective mobile app security.

Websense TRITON Mobile Security is part of the Websense TRITON solution. The TRITON solution also offers unified Web, email, mobile, and data loss prevention (DLP) security. They can be bundled together or purchased as standalone packages. They are available in enterprise-grade appliances, as cloud-based services, and as hybrids of on-premises and cloud elements working together.

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