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Untangle’s NG Firewall 14.0 Enhances Support for Secure SD-WAN

The latest update aims to reduce connectivity costs and simplify management at the network edge. By ChannelPro

Untangle Inc., a network security provider for SMBs, has released version 14.0 of its NG Firewall software. Key updates include enhanced support of SD-WAN networking architectures, aimed at reducing costs, speeding deployment, and ensuring a consistent security posture for businesses with distributed, branch, and remote offices.

“While large enterprises have traditionally benefited from SD-WAN and the cloud, many organizations have been left behind. At Untangle, we believe that organizations of all sizes need to be able to secure their network perimeters as they grow from location to location with ease,” said Scott Devens, CEO at San Jose, Calif.-based Untangle, in a press statement.

Updates to NG Firewall 14.0 include:

  • Tunnel VPN connections can bind to specific WANs, allowing configuration of multiple tunnels for multi-WAN sites and ensuring each tunnel is using the desired physical WAN connection.
  • Administrators can direct traffic to the most desirable WAN connection based on criteria like ports and protocols.
  • Tunnels can be set up without NAT so that the cloud firewall has full visibility into the network. This gives the ability to centralize policies across the whole network from the cloud firewall.

In addition, wireless interfaces can now be configured as client to a wireless access point. This allows NG Firewall to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network and act as a client, providing another option to WAN balancer and WAN failover to ensure business continuity and avoid interruption of service. In the event of a failover, this configuration ensures that NG Firewall can still inspect and safeguard all internet traffic with no interruption in service. Since NG Firewall can be deployed into the network as a client, all network traffic is protected even without having NG Firewall provide the main Wi-Fi connection.

The new version also includes improvements to reports and the dashboard, support for OSPF and BGP networking protocols, as well as support for several new dynamic DNS providers.

NG Firewall 14.0 is available as a free upgrade to existing customers. Command Center subscriptions include access to new features as they are released at no additional cost.

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