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Here’s a look at what’s coming soon from Armor, Mindmatrix, Nfina, and TD SYNNEX. By Colleen Frye and Rich Freeman

Mindmatrix to Broaden MSP Advantage Subscription Options
Mindmatrix plans to add new subscription options to its MSP Advantage program.
Under a new scheme still being finalized but set to roll out within the next two months, newcomers will have the option of joining marketing-only and sales-only “quick start” versions of the vendor’s flagship sales enablement and marketing automation service for managed service providers.

“We basically took our MSP Advantage program and sort of split it into two, and now we have three offerings,” says Eric Weber, director of MSP sales at Mindmatrix. “We want to make sure that we’re offering choice.”

Like the current MSP Advantage program, the marketing automation quick start will offer marketing automation functionality and pre-packaged content for email and print campaigns, social media sites, videos, webinars, and more. Unlike the more inclusive program, however, the new one won’t include personalized concierge services.

“You can just kind of set it, forget it, and have it run in the background to kind of start to build up until you’re ready to move into one of the other programs,” Weber says.

The sales enablement quick start, too, won’t come with concierge assistance but will provide click-to-call functionality via third-party voice platforms and mobile apps, like today’s MSP Advantage.

Both quick starts will be less expensive than full-blown MSP Advantage membership and require less upfront commitment. While a complete MSP Advantage subscription costs $499 a month with a one-year commitment, the quick starts are expected to cost $299 per month, for a six-month term in the case of the marketing program and a three-month term in the case of the sales enablement program. 

“If it’s working, you’re going to keep it and if it’s not then you’re not locked in for a year,” Weber notes. “It kind of gives you that easier way to get in.” Quick start users can either renew their present subscription at the end of a term, he adds, or upgrade to the original MSP Advantage.

In another difference between the new and existing programs, the comprehensive MSP Advantage supports up to six users while the marketing-only service will come with two logins and the sales-only service will provide a single click-to-call module.

All three subscription options require a one-time setup fee. MSP Advantage members currently pay either $350 or $1,000, depending on how much user training they require. Marketing quick start subscribers, by contrast, will all pay $350 and sales enablement subscribers will all pay $1,000. 

“The reason that setup is a bit more is that we create a custom playbook with the click-to-call technology built into it,” Weber explains. The playbook provides access to all of the material salespeople need when interacting with prospects.

Though it was appreciated by users with limited sales and marketing experience before, according to Weber, MSP Advantage has grown even more useful since the coronavirus pandemic made keeping in regular contact with potential customers both more important and more difficult. 

“You need to be in tune much more today because people are more spread out,” he says.

In June, Mindmatrix introduced a new edition of MSP Advantage with a modernized user interface, new reports and dashboards, and support for integrated digital, voice, and print marketing efforts.

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