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LogicManager delivers next generation product

LogicManager is excited to announce that their next generation technology foundation is officially rolled out to all customers. This release is the result of a 2-year fundamental overhaul of their platform. It delivers the cutting edge technology of a start-up, combined with the mature proven product capabilities of a 15-year industry leader. As a result of this unprecedented investment in R&D that drove the reimagining of their core infrastructure, LogicManager's taxonomy technology – which has served as the true brains of their software since the beginning – is now amplified by AI technology and brings their UX to a whole new level.

LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky, explains that, "The platform on which LogicManager was founded has been transformed layer by layer over the course of a multi-year project driven by evolving customer needs." Minsky credits this initiative to LogicManager's customers expressing the need for embedding governance in the daily activities of all roles throughout their enterprise. "Engaging managers through value and ease of use is our guiding principle in every release," he says. "We know that capturing the hearts and minds of those on the front lines of your organization is the only way to truly proactively manage risk."

Most software companies today have about a 5-year shelf life due to placing a heavy focus on short-term venture capital investments. LogicManager has taken a different, more organic path: they consider their customers as investors and innovate to deliver ROI (and as a result, industry-leading customer satisfaction scores).

LogicManager's execution of this transition was, for some users, equally as impressive as the executional value it delivered. One of LogicManager's customers, Jeff Haslow, executive at the popular financial media group The Motley Fool, applauds LogicManager's implementation strategy: "Over 32 years of implementing software and dealing with upgrades, this transition has been the smoothest I have ever experienced."

LogicManager is dedicated to keeping the customer at the heart of everything they do; in the process of this innovative roll-out, LogicManager documented more than 200 customer value stories of end users leveraging the new technology announced today to overcome the uncertainties of the pandemic.

One of LogicManager's most valuable new capabilities involves powerful AI technology. Aptly named "Taxonomy Insights," the tool intelligently harnesses LogicManager's taxonomic structure and suggests mitigations based on an organization's existing efforts. LogicManager VP of Product Management, Brendan Colliton, explains exactly how it works: "If you're a risk or compliance manager faced with a new risk or regulation, chances are, you're already addressing it within another area of business – but that might not be clear upon first glance. Taxonomy Insights streamlines your efforts by drawing connections across silos and identifying how a risk can manifest itself differently across multiple areas of the business." 

Whether you're a risk manager focused on risk assessments and engagement of employees throughout your organization, an IT professional looking to align with industry frameworks, or a banking compliance officer concerned with adhering to regulatory requirements and policy adoption, LogicManager makes it easy to provide crucial evidence of effective risk management.

To learn how LogicManager designs their software to help you predict the future, check out their recent blog post here.

About LogicManager
LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. In this See-Through Economy, LogicManager's market leading ERM software empowers organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what's ahead and improve business performance through strong governance. The company is committed to helping businesses of all sizes across all industries and geographies proactively manage their risks to meet the expectations of their customers, employees, shareholders and communities at large.

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