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IOGEAR Ships New Series of Secure KVM Switches

IOGEAR, a manufacturer of innovative information technology products for consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses, announced it has begun shipping its new series of two- and four-port Secure KVM switches. Joining IOGEAR’s comprehensive portfolio of business-class KVM and KVMP solutions, the new secure KVM switches protect vulnerable data systems from internal and external cyber security threats at the desktop, where the use of input devices such as keyboards and mice can result in data theft or leakage.

IOGEAR’s new Secure KVM Switches are available in two-, four- and eight-port versions which allow users to securely share a single keyboard, mouse, speaker set, CAC reader, and single or dual DVI or HDMI monitors with up to eight computers. To provide maximum protection against tampering or data leakage, the switches feature tamper-evident seals, active chassis intrusion detection, tamper-proof hardware, and restricted USB connectivity which causes non-HIDs (Human Interface Devices) to be ignored when switching between computers. Per-port channel isolation and automatic clearing of the keyboard and mouse buffer when changing port focus makes it impossible for data to be leaked or transferred between secure and unsecured computers.

The IOGEAR Secure KVM switches are NIAP-certified (National Information Assurance Partnership) and compliant with NIAP PP 3.0 (Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch version 3.0).

The New Four-Port Secure KVM Switches Include:

  • GCS1214TAA3 4-Port Dual-Link DVI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1414TAA3 4-Port DisplayPort Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1314TAA3 4-Port HDMI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1224TAA3 4-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1424TAA3 4-Port Dual View DisplayPort Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1324TAA3 4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM Switch

The New Two-Port Secure KVM Switches Include:

  • GCS1212TAA3 2-Port Dual-Link DVI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1412TAA3 2-Port DisplayPort Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1312TAA3 2-Port HDMI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1222TAA3 2-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1322TAA3 2-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM Switch
  • GCS1422TAA3 2-Port Dual View DisplayPort Secure KVM Switch

The new eight-port Secure KVM Switches, including the GCS1228TAA3 8-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI Secure KVM Switch, support single- and dual-view DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI, and will be available beginning mid-August.

The IOGEAR Secure KVM Switches carry a four-year warranty and are available now through authorized resellers and distributors and can be sourced from a diversified group of Federal, State, and Local contract vehicles.

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