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IndependenceIT Receives Patent for Provisioning Virtual Resources in a Mixed-Use Server Environment

May 02, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IndependenceIT, the company that unifies cloud, application and data management for IT administrators, today announced that it has recently received an Issue Notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, indicating the patent for the “Provisioning of a Virtual Resource in a Mixed-Use Server” has been approved as United States Patent No. 9,612,861. The technology provides IT administrators with the ability to unify control and coordination of data center assets for greater IT flexibility and bottom line savings.

With an increasingly complex array of choices confronting IT solution providers searching for a simple and easy method of managing the transition of on-premises computing solutions, including applications, data, and workspaces to the cloud, IndependenceIT has developed a simple and easy method of managing this activity. The ability to provision virtual resources in a mixed-use server environment allows IndependenceIT partners to simultaneously and easily work with multiple vendors across cloud infrastructure solutions without having to focus training time or rely exclusively on any one vendor.

IndependenceIT’s cloud, application, and data management platform, Cloud Workspace® Suite, includes a unified management interface and robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, simplifying deployment and controlling data center costs. The software platform excels at integrating third-party applications as well as third-party infrastructure and management into a single, easy-to-manage solution. The software defined data center (SDDC), which forms the hosting core of IndependenceIT’s solution, is quickly and easily deployed on any hypervisor or within any public cloud. Once deployed, this self contained virtualization management platform is connected to the IndependenceIT Global Services Platform for application, data, or workspace service delivery.

The new patent protects IndependenceIT’s design for provisioning virtualized resources, allowing a server-executed hypervisor in the preferred hosting environment to provision a virtual machine. This “provisioning machine” then directs the generation of an organizational unit within a multi-tenant directory service, separated from a second organizational unit in the multi-tenant directory service by a firewall. The solution then associates the virtual machine with the first organizational unit and directs the virtual machine to host one or more selected virtualized resources.

“Our technological progress, especially over the past year, has been tremendous in terms of demonstrating the ability to manage a nearly unlimited number of cloud-based applications and workspaces across any combination of private, public, or hybrid-cloud infrastructure,” said Charles Buck, CTO and Co-Founder, IndependenceIT. “As a result, administrators can now provision within their cloud environment of choice, a single or multi-tenant configuration. The unified platform for managing resources, applications, and users can be scaled and sized on demand, based on the precise needs of the customer. The recently issued patent furthers our capabilities in all of these areas.”

“Today, Cloud Workspace Suite allows for a general server workload or set of business applications to be quickly and easily deployed in the cloud for any customer organization with a few simple steps,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “The future of cloud enablement will offer much greater flexibility and customization in how these technologies are configured, allowing the technology to serve organizations efficiently -- even as workloads become more complex. We appreciate the work of our software development team in achieving these important technology milestones.”


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IndependenceIT unifies cloud, application and data management for IT administrators. The company’s automation and workflow platform simplifies all administrative tasks from infrastructure to end-user support. With the Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software platform, partners leverage a robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, mitigating deployment requirements and increasing responsiveness. Contact IndependenceIT at 888-299-4552 or visit

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