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ID Agent Turns BullPhish ID Security Training Solution Into Stand-Alone Product

Users who had to buy the system along with the vendor’s Dark Web ID service before can now purchase BullPhish ID separately at a price that makes using it as a sales tool more affordable. The product has new reporting and customization features too. By Rich Freeman

Kaseya unit ID Agent has spun off its BullPhish ID security awareness training solution as a standalone product.

MSPs who previously had to buy the system together with the vendor’s Dark Web ID compromised credential monitoring service now have the option of purchasing either offering separately. ID Agent developers, meanwhile, now have the freedom to adapt both products to changing needs in different ways at different times. 

“Now BullPhish is another flagship that will be on its own cycles in terms of releases,” says Manoj Srivastava, vice president and product executive of security at Kaseya. “The whole user experience becomes more focused on BullPhish as a product, as opposed to being sort of like an add-on.”

For example, he continues, users can now login into the product directly. “They don’t have to log into our Dark Web ID portal and then go to BullPhish.” Buying BullPhish ID standalone costs less too. 

“MSPs can choose to pass on these savings to their clients and give them a better product at a much, much cheaper price,” Srivastava says. They can also affordably use the system as the leading edge of a “land and expand” sales strategy for new security clients, he adds.

“Security awareness training is in very high demand due to cyberinsurance requirements as well as compliance requirements,” Srivastava says. “Having a better and cheaper BullPhish is a nice foot in the door for customers that leads to sales of other critical security controls.”

MSPs can now bundle the system with a wider variety of Kaseya’s email security, vulnerability management, and other security products as well, Srivastava notes, as can Kaseya itself. “It gives us more flexibility to combine it with our other offerings, and it gives our customers more flexibility in how they want to consume it within their security stacks.”.

BullPhish ID licenses include a “Jumpstart” subscription to Kaseya’s Powered Services sales and marketing program, which provides sales sheets, email templates, and other ready-made demand generation materials. A Pro edition that includes hands-on sales and marketing coaching is available for an additional fee.

Other updates to BullPhish ID unveiled today include the ability to supplement the pre-made phishing kits built into the product with customized emails and training campaigns. Enhanced campaign management functionality lets MSPs create different campaigns for different subsets of a customer’s employees and then schedule them to run at different times to prevent employees from tipping each other off about new tests.

Users can also reuse the campaigns they create with more than one client now. “You do it once and you’re able to share it across your customer base,” Srivastava says.

Expanded reporting features in the product give users greater control over how often reports run and what they display. “They will be able to customize those reports way better than what they were able to do earlier,” Srivastava says. Customization options, which apply to the system’s interface as well, include the ability to add an MSP’s own brand and logo. 

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