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The 20 and Huntress Labs Announce New Partnership to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions to MSPs

Preeminent MSP organization, The 20, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Huntress Labs, a leading provider of advanced threat detection and actionable cybersecurity intelligence for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

“We are constantly on the lookout for solutions that will help our MSP partners solve critical problems for their clients, and we are excited to add Huntress Labs to our growing portfolio,” said Jonathan Blakey, Chief Information Officer at The 20. “We are pleased to offer this advanced security service to all of our MSP members, helping them detect problems commercial anti-virus and anti-spyware software can’t.”

Hackers use advanced techniques to slip past firewalls and anti-virus solutions, establishing a foothold in a company’s network where they may lurk undetected, waiting to attack. The Huntress solution proactively looks for those footholds and provides easy to follow remediation steps. “We provide a layer of security that addresses the most persistent threats,” said Kyle Hanslovan, CEO and Founder of Huntress Labs.

The added value, he continues, is that an MSP doesn’t need to hire a security analyst to proactively hunt and remediate threats. “The simplicity of the remediation steps allow motivated IT folks with a bit of security background to address the incident,” he says. “We're trying to help everyone go on the offense when it comes to their security.”

Hanslovan says Huntress, which comprises a lightweight agent and an analysis engine, is a key layer of protection in a security solution. MSPs deploy Huntress via their RMM and set up an integration into their PSA. When Huntress finds an incident, the PSA automatically receives step-by-step remediation instructions.

“When you think about providing the layered security needed to protect against all types of threats, Huntress is the missing layer that you need when your preventive security investments fail. We go on the hunt and find these attackers and we help you get them out of your systems,” Hanslovan says.

This alliance will enable The 20’s members to benefit from Huntress’ cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Historically, the SMB market has been largely underserved by the cybersecurity industry as enterprise-level tools are too complex to meet these organizations’ unique needs or are cost-prohibitive. Huntress has pioneered an effective and cost friendly method to protect at a layer that is often overlooked — footholds that are indicative of malicious activity on customer endpoints. By providing expert analysis and actionable insights based on investigation into those activities, Huntress enables IT providers to quickly resolve issues. With Huntress, MSPs can reduce cybersecurity response labor, retain and grow their client base, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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