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With a managed detection and response solution, organizations can reduce alert-chasing and better defend against today’s threat landscape. By Rob Davis

This is where an MDR service can alleviate some of the disconnect between the help security personnel need and the budgets boards are willing to designate for security. MDR appeals to the CISO and the rest of the C-suite because it frees them to focus on the key business functions rather than how the organization is chasing down alerts, as all the “blocking and tackling” is performed by a dedicated team whose core purpose is to shut down cybercriminals.

This isn’t just all talk. The survey also found that organizations whose security teams deploy an MDR service investigate significantly more alerts than those that don’t. MDR providers are 42% more likely to take the entire detection, containment, and response function all the way through to completion than their counterparts that utilize just managed security services, thanks to round-the-clock monitoring and mitigation capabilities.

Implementing an MDR solution can also lead to better cost-efficiency, which would further ease boardroom worries, as companies have access to more streamlined utilization of security resources while taking much of the burden off employees. As we begin 2022, it’s inevitable that smaller companies with fewer resources and staff to allocate toward security will continue to be the low-hanging fruit for attackers. With MDR solutions in place, organizations can get their alert-chasing time back and better position their infrastructures to stay ahead of today’s threat landscape.

ROB DAVIS, CISSP, is CEO of Critical Start, a provider of managed detection and response services.

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