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MSPs who encourage their SMBs to invest in forward-looking security, storage, and data center solutions will help them be successful in the ever-changing digital landscape. By Jon Groves

SMBs have unique IT needs that often fall by the wayside as other business requirements take front and center. However, businesses of all sizes should consider IT strategies that enable them to not only meet current customer demands but position the organization to evolve for years to come.

When considering how to future-proof your SMB customers’ IT strategies, managed service providers (MSPs) should focus on the emerging technology solutions expected to drive the most immediate growth. These include:

  • Security – Identify a holistic solution that secures the organization without being overly restrictive.
  • Storage – Align storage solutions to scale with the organization.  
  • Data center – Ensure flexibility that will enable additional services to be incorporated into the data center.

Security Should Go Beyond the Perimeter

Traditional avenues to security largely rely on a perimeter approach, which has a singular goal: Keep the bad guys out and trust everyone inside. While smaller businesses may think this perspective is strong enough to meet their needs, the truth is, it isn’t. Elements of perimeter security such as threat recognition, pattern analysis, and surveillance detection do play a vital role in security infrastructure, but they fail to address the No. 1 threat to security: the negligent employee who doesn’t follow security policies behind the keyboard, not the system itself. This is becoming even more crucial as the continual shift to a permanently hybrid workforce requires organizations to take into account multiple entry points.

A trust-but-verify approach to security helps keep up with today’s speed and style of business. It also enables businesses to remain more agile, while still protecting data and mitigating risk. Further, this approach empowers today’s digital workplace with data-driven managed security services that offer agility and flexibility, and maintain security and data integrity.

Scale Storage for the Future

Cloud storage offers companies significant cost savings and convenience as well as enhanced security and scalable services. Still, many—especially in the SMB space—continue to be tied to their on-prem strategies. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to storage, and there are benefits to legacy on-prem IT. However, companies must consider not just what works best for their organizations now, but what will benefit their future growth—factoring in everything from their current hybrid or remote work models, to efficiency and ease of use, to the number of entry points. Beyond that, with recent supply chain issues hindering on-prem hardware development, many companies are finally seeing the benefit of a software-based cloud storage solution that can deliver on all their needs.

Encouraging your SMB customers to invest in an efficient storage solution that will grow with them is a crucial step toward digital transformation—and will help position them for future success.

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