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June 21, 2024 |

CrowdStrike and NinjaOne Executives Weigh In on Why Their Strategic Partnership Is Great News for MSPs

CrowdStrike and NinjaOne partnership represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive cyber protection for MSPs.

CrowdStrike and NinjaOne announced they joined forces earlier this year in a significant partnership aimed at helping MSPs enhance cybersecurity for small to midsized businesses (SMBs).

This collaboration brings seamless integration of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR cybersecurity platform with NinjaOne’s industry-leading endpoint management solution, per a news release.

Bridging Endpoint Management and Cybersecurity

Daniel Bernard of CrowdStrike

Daniel Bernard

The partnership is a major opportunity for managed services providers to enhance their offerings, according to Daniel Bernard, chief business officer of CrowdStrike.

NinjaOne has established itself as a premier endpoint management solution, excelling in the MSP and small business space. “A key part of that is security,” Bernard noted, “and those MSPs and small to midsized businesses seek the protection and visibility that CrowdStrike delivers.”

The integration of the Falcon platform into NinjaOne will simplify deployment for users, particularly in the SMB and MSP markets. This streamlined approach is designed to make it easier for these businesses to adopt robust security measures without the complexities that often come with such integrations.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The user-friendly nature of the CrowdStrike-NinjaOne combo is another way the partnership will benefit IT services providers’ tech stack.

“For that customer base deploying both solutions, offering a seamless integration in an easy-to-use platform makes everybody’s life easier,” explained Mike Arrowsmith, chief trust officer of NinjaOne.

Maximizing time and resource efficiency is critical for MSPs. This integration allows MSPs to manage their SMB customers’ IT assets and respond to cybersecurity incidents more effectively.

Strengthening Cyber Defense

Arrowsmith highlighted that when it comes to cybersecurity, speed is everything.

Mike Arrowsmith

“The biggest component that I think we can all embrace is the value of containment. The faster we can contain a cybersecurity incident, the faster we can say, ‘This is no longer spreading.’ Not saying it’s resolved or remediated, but it’s under control,” he noted.

This rapid containment is crucial in minimizing the damage and spread of cyber threats. The partnership aims to provide MSPs and SMBs with the tools they need to manage and contain threats quickly and efficiently.

Shared Vision and Leadership

The CrowdStrike and NinjaOne partnership also is strengthened by the two companies’ shared vision and leadership. Arrowsmith pointed out the commonalities in their leadership teams, notably mentioning Bert Hurt, board chairman of CrowdStrike, who recently joined NinjaOne’s board. This overlap in leadership underscores their strategic alignment and mutual goals.

Expanding Capabilities

In joining forces, both companies aim to extend their capabilities.

For CrowdStrike customers, NinjaOne offers a competitive solution to manage IT assets, including standard backups and configurations. Meanwhile, NinjaOne customers benefit from enhanced visibility and response capabilities to cybersecurity incidents.

“We offer point-in-time click. As those alerts are happening within the NinjaOne platform, technicians with a single button click can open CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, or Bitdefender, and see everything they need to understand and respond to adversarial activity,” Arrowsmith added.

Beneficial Collaboration

The CrowdStrike and NinjaOne partnership marks a transformative step for MSPs, combining advanced endpoint management with top-tier cybersecurity.

This integration ensures swift incident containment and robust asset management, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and security for MSPs’ SMB customers.

Image: iStock

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