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April 11, 2024 |

3 Killer Copywriting Techniques You Can Use For Writing — But AI Can’t

Need some help writing with AI? Elena Connolly offers some helpful copywriting techniques.

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a series of articles answering the question of how to use AI to write copy without sounding like a robot. Read Part 1 here.

In a utopian world, we can use artificial intelligence to speed up writing for our business, put our brand name to quality insights, and increase conversion rates from our ideal customers.

The reality is that there is a way to accomplish this today, but it will require a bit more effort from both parties — you and your AI friend. Let’s unpack three techniques that require what only the human brain can muster. It should make your words infinitely more interesting to read.

Copywriting Technique 1: Unexpected Word Choices

Turn a noun into a verb, like, “She Houdini’d her way out.” In addition, pair unexpected words into a phrase, like, “silently screaming,” or “with colorless vibrancy.”

Robots stick to the language rules and norms they’re programmed to follow. You as a human can use poetic license.

Copywriting Technique 2: Analogies and Metaphors

If I wrote, “I write words that will sell your offer and make it rain,” you’d know that means “earn you lots of money.”

Here’s another example: If I wrote, “It was tougher than a microwave pizza,” you’d instantly relate it to the fact that pizza crust gets tough in the microwave. But robots can’t abstractly connect two ideas.

Copywriting Technique 3: Tell a Story

The trick to finding an appropriate story that links to your topic is to decide what emotion you want to convey.

Think of a time you felt like that. What was going on in your life? That’s your anecdote. AI can’t tell personal stories because it can’t access your memories.

AI as an Assistant

You should use AI to help make writing for your business quicker but use its creations as inspiration to breathe more life into your writing.

This may be bad news for those of you who wanted to use the smash-and-go option of putting a prompt in an AI tool and creating months of content for LinkedIn on the output. But it’s good news for business owners who dream of hiring a content writer, researcher, or general marketing dogsbody, but can’t justify adding to payroll.

AI can serve as a free marketing assistant. But as with any new hire, don’t let it loose in front of your most important clients just yet.

I wrote this piece [and the prior article] by researching, drafting, typing, editing, tweaking, reading out loud, letting it sit, and eventually hitting publish with an exhale. But here’s the result of me prompting ChatGPT to write it instead:

How to use A.I to write your copy. Without sounding like a robot?  Let’s find out:

Using AI to write copy without sounding like a robot requires a thoughtful approach to incorporating the technology while maintaining a human touch. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Understand Your Audience: Before utilizing AI, understand your target audience’s preferences, tone, and language. This knowledge will guide the AI-generated content to resonate better with them.
  • Choose the Right AI Tool: Select an AI-powered copywriting tool that offers customization options and understands natural language. Look for tools that allow you to input specific instructions and guidelines.
  • Provide Clear Instructions: Give the AI tool clear instructions on the desired tone, style, and message. For example, specify if you want the copy to be formal, conversational, persuasive, or informative.
  • Inject Personality: Incorporate elements of personality into the copy to make it sound more human. This could include humor, storytelling, or relatable anecdotes.
  • Review and Edit: Even though AI generates the initial draft, it’s essential to review and edit the copy to ensure coherence, accuracy, and alignment with your brand voice. Make necessary adjustments to enhance clarity and flow.

    Elena Connolly of 23 Wise Words

    Elena Connolly

  • Add Personal Touches: Incorporate personal touches or customized details relevant to your audience or product. This could involve referencing current events, local trends, or personalization based on user data.
  • Test and Iterate: Test different versions of the AI-generated copy to see what resonates best with your audience. Use analytics and feedback to iterate and improve future iterations.
  • Human Oversight: While AI can assist with copywriting, human oversight is crucial. Ensure that the final output aligns with your brand’s values and goals.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Foster engagement by encouraging feedback, comments, and conversations around the copy. This human interaction reinforces the authenticity of the content.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: Keep refining your AI-generated copywriting process based on feedback, market trends, and evolving audience preferences. Stay agile and adaptable to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can harness the power of AI to write compelling copy that resonates with your audience while avoiding the pitfalls of sounding robotic or impersonal.

The funny thing is, the AI writer actually agrees with me.

Let me know which version you prefer and why.

Elena Connolly is brand strategist of 23 Wise Words. She is a “psychology-obsessed copywriter,” who has written high-converting websites and sales funnels for service-based businesses for more than seven years. Read more fascinating facts about Connolly at channelWise.

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