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March 28, 2024 |

Introducing 4 Innovative Companies New to the IT Channel

The interest of PhotonFi, Intuitive Systems, Wyebot and mpro5 in bringing their solutions to MSPs underscores innovation’s role in driving the industry forward.

The IT channel is attracting many companies seeking to work closely with managed services providers that are evolving to meet the demands of a digital world.

ChannelPro had an opportunity to talk with four companies at the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas about their innovative solutions for channel partners: PhotonFi, Intuitive Systems, Wyebot, and mpro5. These companies highlighted how they’re using AI and other cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the MSP landscape.

By adopting new technologies, MSPs can enhance their service offerings while addressing the complex and evolving needs of their clients. As the IT channel grows, staying at the forefront of such innovations will be crucial for services providers aiming to lead in a competitive market.

‘Stealth’ Wireless Connectivity at the Speed of Light

Francois Modarresse of PhotonFi

Francois Modarresse

PhotonFi has introduced a groundbreaking approach to connectivity by using light photons for wireless communication.

The technology by the year-old company provides a secure, interference-free connection that is essentially invisible, explained CEO Francois Modarresse. “Our connections are stealth … They cannot be intercepted and they cannot be jammed.”

PhotonFi was born after Modarresse said he observed a catch 22 in the sector: People who sought flexibility would choose Wi-Fi, but then were confronted with problems like unreliable signals or even hacking. If they chose a wired solution, there were higher costs for wiring and maintenance, Modarresse said. “Something newer, better, easier was needed, so we brought something really outside of the box.”

This solution is particularly appealing to sectors requiring utmost security, like finance and healthcare. For MSPs, PhotonFi’s innovative use of light as a medium for data transmission opens new avenues for offering secure and reliable connectivity solutions to their clients, Modarresse noted.

“We’re going to bring you the extremely rugged last-mile connection, and we work with integrators – MSPs who can put all the solutions together.”

Intuitive Systems Harnesses AI for Data Management

Intuitive Systems specializes in applying AI to tackle complex data management challenges in the channel space.

Bo Gibson of Intuitive Systems

Bo Gibson

The company initially used large language models (LLMs) to solve business problems and found that people were having issues sorting through large amounts of data, said Chief Revenue Officer Bo Gibson.

The company’s first big client had 5,000-plus channel partners and it struggled with amalgamating, unifying, transforming, and cleaning up all that data and then enriching it. That’s where Intuitive Systems stepped in, Gibson noted.

“We custom built a solution for it. It took us almost nine months to fully build out and make it bespoke for them, but we made it composable so that we can then roll it out in short order to other clients.”

The company offers main two products: First, it can sort through and clean up messed up data; second, with that clean data, the company uses an algorithm to help with price prediction for supplier networks and for sales. “It’s pretty powerful tool. We love running free pilots for people and figuring out if we can provide value,” Gibson said.

Wyebot Elevates Wi-Fi Monitoring and Optimization

David Wittmer and Yvonne Mulligan of Wyebot

Wyebot’s David Wittmer and Yvonne Mulligan man the company’s expo hall booth.

Wyebot has developed a Wi-Fi networking and monitoring solution that includes both hardware sensors and a cloud platform, said David Wittmer, senior channel partner manager. “This sits off the network, scanning the airwaves, proactively telling you about [problems] before you’re actually getting help desk tickets about them.”

By providing detailed insights into network performance and issues, Wyebot’s solution enables MSPs to proactively manage and optimize their clients’ Wi-Fi networks, ensuring a seamless user experience. The vendor-agnostic nature of Wyebot’s technology makes it a versatile tool for MSPs looking to enhance their network management services.

Meanwhile, the company has a couple of big-name companies backing it. For one thing, Cisco plans to sunset a similar sensor option, and will instead refer customers to and recommend Wyebot as its de facto solution, Wittmer said.

Additionally, Wyebot is beta testing a collaboration with Intel that involves unique software that can be installed on Intel-powered hardware and run in the background, essentially “turning that laptop into a Wyebot sensor,” Wittmer said. “Now, your IT department has eyes and ears from the actual client perspective, no matter where they are.”

Fred Whipp of mpro5

Fred Whipp

mpro5 Streamlines Processes for MSPs and Their Clients

mpro5 offers a comprehensive process management app designed to improve efficiency and ROI for facilities managers and, by extension, MSPs.

Derek Fisk of mpro5

Derek Fisk

“MSPs have a new solution in their back pockets,” said Fred Whipp, vice president of business development. “It’s a new tool they can use to improve ROI instantly.”

The app facilitates tasks for building cleaning and maintenance staff, providing management with visibility over processes. This solution allows MSPs to diversify their offerings into facilities management, offering a tool that can instantly enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

One of the things mpro5 is focused on now is building out the “white glove service” offering and truly becoming a partner for MSPs, said new Head of Channel Derek Fisk.  “That’s the key piece. They need to feel trusted and they want to be engaged, not just be like one of a million of the products they sell. They care and can make a lot of money doing it.”

Image: iStock

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