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March 9, 2024 |

Huntress Security Awareness Training Uses Story-Based Lessons to Fight Cyberattacks

Admins get ease of management while learners are drawn to the animated lessons that provide real-world tactics.

Admins get ease of management while learners are drawn to the animated lessons that provide real-world tactics.

In today’s digital age, identifying and combating cyber threats is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Huntress Security Awareness Training emerges as a beacon of innovation in this field, offering engaging lessons that captivate admins and learners alike.

Huntress SAT characterThe solution can be deployed in minutes, integrating seamlessly with existing systems. The platform is a fully managed solution with robust automated reporting, making security awareness training something MSPs just set, and then let Huntress manage it for channel partners.

Learners also love it because the lessons are memorable, featuring animated characters like 5-year-old hacker “DeeDee,” whose social engineering antics teach participants how to defend themselves against cyberattacks.

“Our product drives a culture of security,” said Dima Kumets, Huntress principal product manager. “It’s not just awareness. The stories, characters, and little jokes kick off the conversations that move to the security outcomes of DeeDee’s attacks, which creates these organic network effects.”


✓  Engaging Lessons: Fun, memorable content created by an award-winning animation team.

✓  Easy Deployment and Management: Set up in minutes with no ongoing management required.

✓  Automated Reporting: Robust, automated reporting tools for easy tracking of learner progress.

✓  Customizable Learning Experience: Features MSP branding for a personalized touch as well as a custom content
creator tool.

✓  Simulated Phishing Scenarios: Real-world simulations based on current
cyber threats.

✓  Integration with Existing Systems: Seamlessly integrates with MSPs’ existing tech stacks.


Each training episode is carefully crafted by Huntress’ award-winning, in-house animation team and writers working closely with Huntress security practitioners—those who fight endpoint and identity-based attacks daily.

The team of security researchers—led by Huntress Senior Director of Threat Operations Chris Henderson—collaborate with the animation team on relevant topics. The result is an episode that combines an interesting narrative with an actionable lesson to prepare learners to defend against potential threats.

The episodes train users on both the technological and psychological tactics of attackers, Henderson noted. “We ensure through our own expertise and threat intelligence that these are truly well informed by our firsthand observations in the security space.”


The real magic of Huntress Security Awareness Training lies in its story-based approach to learning.

“These [episodes] are meant to get the learner engaged, be enjoyable, and then also make sure that they’re able to remember the lesson from that episode,” emphasized James O’Leary, Huntress product marketing manager.

This approach ensures that learners can apply the lessons to real-world attacks and behaviors.

“I get feedback monthly from our employees that, ‘This is so great,’ and, ‘We want to see what happens with DeeDee next.’ It’s definitely engaging,” said Jared Couillard, CISSP senior director, IT & Security Officer for Cohere.


Huntress SAT characterHuntress Security Awareness Training’s influence extends beyond individual learning experiences, significantly impacting businesses’
operational efficiency.

Huntress’ management of the platform relieves MSPs of the burden of constant updates and training management, Henderson explained. “We take all of that work away from you.”

The custom content creator tool provides new avenues for MSPs to offer tailored training solutions, presenting new opportunities and value adds for clients,
Kumets said.

For MSPs looking to empower clients, Huntress Security Awareness Training offers a compelling option.

For more information on Huntress Security Awareness Training, schedule a demo at

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