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February 21, 2023 | Dell and ChannelPro

Turn to Dell for Cyber Resilience

This sponsored Partner Program Profile describes why Dell is the partner MSPs can rely on to help shift SMB customers from a threat prevention mindset to one of cyber resilience.

Relentless cyber threats combined with a widening
attack surface as businesses move to cloud,
software as a service, and work from anywhere
up the odds that your customer will experience an
attack—despite your best eff orts to protect them
as their managed service provider (MSP). That’s
why a shift is underway from threat prevention
to cyber resilience, which requires a multilayered
approach to cyber security.

“Information security
alone will not get the
job done,” says Jason
Proctor, advisory systems
engineer, Cyber
& Compliance, Global
Technology Offi ce at Dell
Technologies. Businesses
instead must adopt
a holistic approach to
cyber resilience, he
says, which is “the combination
of information
security, data protection, and cyber recovery.”

quoteIn addition to advanced threat protection and
security training for employees, a strong cyber
recovery strategy can promote cyber resilience by
protecting backup systems from corruption and
enabling fast recovery of business-critical systems,
applications, and operations after an attack.

When an attack happens, and “you can’t access
your data, let alone have an environment to
recover it to, it doesn’t do you any good, says
Proctor. “That’s why we have cyber recovery as
an additional layer of cyber resilience.”

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides a secure
digital vault that is logically and physically isolated
from the production and backup networks with an
operational air gap. To provide the best chance for
recovery if production and primary backups have
been compromised or infected, data in the vault
is protected in an immutable format with retention
locks. “That’s a big diff erence between us and everybody
else when it comes to recovery,” Proctor notes.

By partnering with Dell, MSPs have the capability
to bring together a holistic approach to cyber resilience for their customers, acting as that trusted
adviser. In addition, off ering cybersecurity solutions
“pulls through a signifi cant amount of ancillary business,”
says Proctor, adding that when MSPs are
guiding their customers’ business continuity and
business resilience strategy, “it means you get to
touch every piece of the organization.”

The value Dell brings to the partnership is immeasurable,
Proctor adds. “There’s nobody in
the industry that has the thought leadership, the
portfolio, and the experience that we do.”

Cyber resiliency is integrated in Dell Technologies’ end-to-end
solutions. Its portfolio of products, solutions, and services
addresses the full spectrum of cyber attacks and threats:

DETECT WITH DELL TRUSTED DEVICES. With breaches now happening at
both the hardware/fi rmware and software levels, your customers need intelligent
solutions that prevent, detect, and respond to threats wherever they occur. Dell’s built-in
software protections, for example, include data encryption and ensure secure access
from anywhere. Hardware and fi rmware protections for Dell Trusted Devices enable
secure end-user credentials, visibility into BIOS tampering, and on-screen digital privacy.

Dell Technologies’ security experts combined with the Secureworks Taegis XDR
security analytics platform help thwart attacks across endpoint, network, and cloud.

enables cyber resilience by protecting and isolating critical data from ransomware and
other cyber threats. It uses machine learning to identify suspicious activity and enable recovery
of known good data so organizations can resume normal business operations quickly
and with confi dence. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects data and provides recovery
across on-premises and multiple cloud environments including Dell Technologies Cloud and
other leading service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

About the Dell Expert Network

The Dell Expert Network rewards and educates members who purchase from Dell on
behalf of their clients. Each registered member receives a dedicated account manager,
free training, and shortcuts to services and support that are designed to make
their business engagements easier.


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