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December 27, 2022 | Datto and ChannelPro

With Datto, Tekie Geek Can Do This All Day

Tekie Geek protects its clients’ on-prem and SaaS environments—and grows its business—with Datto by its side as a partner.

Most superheroes have a sidekick. Think Batman and Robin. The Green Hornet and Kato. Captain America and Bucky Barnes. For Tekie Geek, a managed service provider in Staten Island, N.Y., a key sidekick helping the self-proclaimed “superheroes of cybersecurity” protect their customers is Datto, a Kaseya company.

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Founded in 2013, Tekie Geek offers four core services to its small and medium-size customers: managed IT, business continuity, cloud computing, and unified communications. Tekie Geek initially partnered with Datto nine years ago for backup and business continuity solutions. Today, the MSP utilizes Datto’s business continuity as well as security solutions, including Datto SaaS Defense and Datto SaaS Protection.

“Datto has helped to support our cybersecurity strategy by providing us a number of layers in our multi-layered stack,” says Mike Bloomfield, president of Tekie Geek.

With the adoption of cloud computing accelerated by the rise of work-from-home and hybrid office environments, many SMBs are now collaborating remotely, creating new security challenges. Tekie Geek quickly realized that clients moving to a SaaS environment like Microsoft 365 could be extremely vulnerable if they were not properly protected.

“Protecting our clients’ Microsoft 365 environment is super important to us,” Bloomfield stresses. “We see so much data. It’s no longer just email sitting on the Microsoft 365 side. We see collaboration with Microsoft Teams. We see data living on SharePoint and OneDrive. This made for a very appealing target to a hacker.”

To protect clients, Tekie Geek utilizes a number of products, with “Datto being one of the biggest ones we use with both the SaaS Defense and SaaS Protection.”

SaaS Defense provides machine imaging that looks for fake login pages, not allowing them to touch the mailbox. Further, it allows technicians to go into the back end to see everything from a single pane of glass.

With SaaS Protection, Tekie Geek technicians can deploy a Microsoft 365 tenant that is not just protecting email; it’s protecting OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. It’s also easy to monitor, and more importantly, data recovery is quick and simple.

“We utilize both SaaS Defense and the SaaS Protection because it gives us that first and last level of protection to protect everything,” Bloomfield says.

For Bloomfield, Datto’s partnership not only lets him sleep easier at night knowing his clients are protected with a solid lineup of products that are easy to set up and use, but has helped him grow his business by providing market development funds and other resources.

“Datto is a partner that helped my organization grow to a seven-figure MSP quickly while protecting my small business clients, and I’m excited to see what comes in the future.”

That includes Kaseya’s acquisition of Datto. Tekie Geek has been a Kaseya partner for the last three years, utilizing its RMM and PSA solutions. “We found Kaseya to be a partner to us just like Datto has been a partner to us. They truly do care about the MSP. I think the partnership of these two organizations is going to be great.”

And now Tekie Geek has two sidekicks.

For more information about becoming a Datto partner, go to

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