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November 15, 2021 | Eaton and ChannelPro

Eaton Gives Partners an Edge in Edge Computing

In this sponsored Partner Program Profile, find out why Eaton’s power infrastructure for edge computing is right for keeping mission-critical applications and devices running longer and preventing servers from data loss.

Edge Computing is on the rise, and it’s driving new market requirements and opportunities for Eaton channel partners. Eaton has the solutions to capitalize on those opportunities, and a new partner offering to make selling edge solutions even easier.

A leader in edge computing technologies, Eaton offers power management solutions for distributed IT edge environments. These include uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), power distribution units (PDUs), and intelligent power management via the IPM 2.0 software with environmental monitoring, advanced notifications, remote control capabilities, and automated responses for graceful shutdown.

quote“With Eaton, channel partners will find a vendor that is focused on the future of the market and where we can add value,” says Hervé Tardy, vice president of marketing and strategy in the Critical Power and Digital Infrastructure (CPDI) division. “We are not only a power company—we understand the IT industry and where it’s going.”

Edge computing presents challenges such as space constraints, access control, temperature control, power maintenance, cybersecurity, and remote operations. In short, edge computing requires recreating the conditions of a data center in one or several remote sites.

A Key Word with Edge Computing: FORGET

Edge computing means recreating the conditions of a data center anywhere, operating it remotely with no local support. Here’s why Eaton makes edge computing solutions easy to “”set and forget””:

  • Pre-integrated rack enclosure with an IP-enabled lock, environmental sensors, and PDU
  • UPS with lithium-ion batteries that last up to 10 years
  • Remote power monitoring and management with Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software
  • Integration with HCI platforms for orderly shutdowns in case of a power outage

Eaton’s focus is on the core edge market, which does not typically require rugged, military-grade solutions. Most small and medium businesses with edge computing deployments need “fairly simple systems installed in a back office or in a closet, with a very simple wall-mounted enclosure. And for this we’ve got an outstanding portfolio of solutions that can really fit the needs of our channel partners,” Tardy says.

For example, the ability to pre-integrate the rack enclosure with an IP-enabled lock, environmental sensors, and PDU speeds deployment and reduces time to revenue for channel partners.

Eaton has also been ahead of the curve supporting hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which is well suited for edge deployments, as its integrated nature makes it a perfect fit for fast rollout, setup, and provisioning, according to Tardy. In addition, since remote sites are typically unattended, a solid disaster avoidance strategy needs to be in place. “Our IPM software is fully integrated with the latest HCI platforms like DellEMC VxRail, VMware vSAN, or Nutanix AHV. It can manage orderly shutdown clusters—a critical feature for VxRail—and can even manage any brand of UPSs if the customer has a heterogeneous asset base.”

Another plus for edge computing is Eaton’s UPS with lithium-ion batteries, which can last up to 10 years. “These systems are installed in remote locations with no supervision,” Tardy notes. “”You just can’t roll a truck each time there is a maintenance issue, as the cost would be prohibitive. Despite their higher upfront cost, UPSs with lithium-ion batteries are a great value proposition.”

For channel partners, a key to success with edge computing solutions is the ability to integrate multiple components in different product categories. That’s why Eaton’s new offering for certified partners removes the threshold to qualify for deal registration if the quotation includes IPM 2.0 and either DellEMC VxRail, VMware vSAN, or Nutanix AHV.

“Eaton gets IT,” Tardy says. “Our edge solutions are focused on ease of use and peace of mind, and the ability for channel partners to capitalize on this market.”

For more information on becoming an Eaton PowerAdvantage partner, visit

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