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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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May 16, 2019 |

Riverbed Launches Breakthrough Solution to Accelerate SaaS Applications – First and Only Solution to Accelerate SaaS App Performance By Up to 10 Times for All Users

Innovative SaaS Accelerator delivers significant performance enhancements for SaaS apps such as O365, Salesforce, Box, ServiceNow, and others
SaaS Accelerator combined with Riverbed’s End User Experience Monitoring allows companies for the first time to directly measure, monitor and accelerate the performance of SaaS-based enterprise apps
New updates to the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform with enhancements to SD-WAN and Digital Experience Management (DEM) solutions

Riverbed, The Digital Performance Company, announced Riverbed SaaS Accelerator, a breakthrough new solution that significantly accelerates the performance of leading SaaS apps, such as O365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Box, by up to 10 times. When SaaS Accelerator is combined with End User Experience Monitoring (part of Riverbed’s Digital Experience Management offering), organizations can for the first time directly measure and monitor in real time the performance of SaaS-based enterprise applications, and then effortlessly accelerate performance with SaaS Accelerator.

Businesses around the globe know that delivering great experiences to their employees and customers is vital for ensuring business growth. Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) are promising service flexibility, agility, and improved performance and user experience. By 2020, companies will move as much as 80% of their applications into this environment,†yet companies are falling short of delivering on this promise with 73% reporting that they are experiencing poor SaaS performance on a monthly basis and 90% indicating that this performance degradation impacts their business.

For enterprises with a distributed workforce, or where today’s users are accessing applications on demand from branch offices, airports, client sites, and coffee shops, and are often located far from SaaS servers, the new SaaS Accelerator solution can dramatically improve user experience and business outcomes by eliminating performance gaps and disruptions that interfere with an employee’s ability to stay connected, satisfied and productive. By dramatically improving the performance of critical SaaS applications, globally distributed organizations can radically accelerate time to market, increase competitiveness and drive revenue growth.

As a cloud-based solution, SaaS Accelerator enables organizations to turn up the service within minutes so they can benefit immediately from improved performance, and Riverbed SD-WAN customers benefit from one-click provisioning using the Riverbed SD-WAN management console. Additionally, existing SteelHead appliance and SteelHead Mobile customers can leverage their current investment when they deploy SaaS Accelerator, for a comprehensive solution that extends from the end user device through the network to the SaaS application. And for organizations with a security posture that requires all SaaS traffic be backhauled through a corporate data center, the introduction of Riverbed SaaS Accelerator enables those companies to maintain that approach while eliminating the latency challenges that can often hinder productivity for mobile and remote employees.

“As organizations worldwide address the imperative of digital transformation, they recognize the criticality of measuring experience and infrastructure modernization. Perhaps nowhere is that modernization more necessary than in network infrastructure, which provides the essential conduit for application delivery and enhanced digital experiences,” said Brad Casemore, IDC Research VP, Datacenter Networking. “IDC research finds that enterprises worldwide are increasingly concerned with how well their network infrastructure supports the performance and security of SaaS and IaaS applications in a multi-cloud context, and Riverbed’s latest product introductions – including SaaS Accelerator, and enhancements to its SD-WAN and Digital Experience Management offerings – are squarely aimed at addressing those challenges.”

“Companies today are in varying stages of digital transformation, even within their own businesses. Riverbed’s new release is targeted to address specific challenges organizations are facing in their digital journeys and in assuring cloud and SaaS performance,” said Dante Malagrino, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Business Unit. “Riverbed’s ability to measure and monitor app performance†and user experience, and†proactively†accelerate SaaS and cloud-based applications†to anyone, anywhere, regardless of location,†is unique in the industry.”

New SD-WAN Enhancements

Riverbed also announced enhancements to its SD-WAN solutions (SteelConnect and SteelHead SD), which provide unified orchestration and connectivity across the entire distributed enterprise network with embedded security, optimization, and visibility. This release boosts agility, security and operation efficiency with advances in multi-cloud network automation, enhanced service-chaining for on-premises and cloud-based security services, and increased flexibility to deploy and manage SD-WAN in more complex global environments. This SD-WAN release also includes additional integration with Zscaler†that delivers one-click integration to Zscaler’s security platform for†thousands of branch locations.

James Orgill, IT Operations Manager at†Trajan Scientific & Medical, a†global manufacturer of scientific solutions, has deployed Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution across the organization:†”We’re pursuing an aggressive growth strategy through acquisition, to accelerate our mission to make a positive impact on human wellbeing. We often need to get multiple new sites online and integrated into our systems – across continents – in a matter of days. That kind of agility required a total rethink of our network. Riverbed’s cloud-based SD-WAN solution allows us to react faster and to be more efficient in the complex environment we run in, as well as slash monthly network costs by more than half.”

Advancements in Digital Experience Management (DEM) solution

Riverbed also announced advancements to its DEM offering, the industry’s leading and most comprehensive solution to measure and manage the digital experience of end users. This includes the introduction of an automated remediation feature that helps support organizations proactively address and resolve common user device issues before they impact user experience or are escalated to support.†The result is better user satisfaction, lower IT costs and improved stability.

Switzerland’s third-largest bank, Raiffeisen, is using Riverbed’s DEM solution to transform the digital experience of its employees and support its mobile workforce strategy: “Our employees must have access to all the applications they need, from any device, at any time,” said Stefan†Somogyi, System Specialist Expert,†Raiffeisen Switzerland. “With Riverbed, we are able to proactively identify problems, often before employees even know an issue exists and address, drill down, solve the problem, and show people what the root cause was. We have fewer issues to resolve and the ones we do have get resolved more rapidly.”

Riverbed Digital Performance Platform

Riverbed delivers a unified and integrated platform that enhances digital performance across every aspect of our customers’ business. The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform includes a powerful combination of Digital Experience Management and Next-Generation Infrastructure solutions that ensure superior digital and user experiences, delivers new levels of operational agility and accelerates business outcomes.

  • Digital Experience Management (DEM):†Unified, end-to-end performance management (across networks, apps, infrastructure, and end-user devices) — and business-relevant insights empower organizations to proactively measure, assess, and improve digital experiences. The result: higher levels of user satisfaction and faster innovation.
  • Next-Generation Infrastructure: Through SD-WAN and application and cloud acceleration, Riverbed enables organizations to move faster and more securely by making distributed IT more efficient and providing greater agility and performance to deliver better customer, partner, and employee experiences. SD-WAN also helps developing nations leapfrog now-obsolete technologies and go straight to modern infrastructure, delivering better experiences for citizens.

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