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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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May 17, 2018 |


Sennheiser’s SDW 5000 Series sets new standards for wireless DECT headsets, bringing future-proof flexibility, next generation communication quality and advanced security to modern work environments

It’s time to meet the future of professional communications: Audio specialist Sennheiser has launched the SDW 5000 Series, specifically created for today’s mobile, collaborative workplaces and designed with businesses’ future needs in mind. The SDW 5000 helps to enhance the flexibility and experience of users and IT managers alike – offering a single headset system able to connect seamlessly to multiple devices and interfaces. Super wideband sound delivers a voice experience beyond conventional business standards, while advanced security protocols ensure conversation confidentiality. With outstanding interoperability and intuitive yet sophisticated device management capabilities the new SDW 5000 Series helps to effectively ease the workload of busy IT managers.

Today’s workplaces present a mass of contradictions: Companies seek ever-greater flexibility from offices and employees alike, while a switched-on Millennial generation grows in influence and demands consumer-grade usability from corporate technology. At the same time, IT departments are striving to lock down the security risks of a continually expanding number of connected devices. Sennheiser’s SDW 5000 Series headsets have been created to make sense of this complex, fast-moving world while providing future-proof flexibility and features to help businesses adapt to new demands and challenges:

“Our new SDW 5000 range of wireless DECT headsets has been developed to facilitate struggle-free communication in modern work environments,” explains Andreas Bach, President of Sennheiser Communications A/S. “The SDW 5000 Series serves as a professional communication and collaboration hub for people and devices and answers the future needs of modern office workers, premium contact center agents and IT departments alike. Users can enjoy flexible, multi-device connectivity, great sound in every situation and smart intuitive features to enhance team collaboration. At the same time, the SDW 5000 Series makes sound business sense, appealing to CEOs and CIOs by offering a future-proof solution that meets the high security expectations, seamless interoperability and simple, powerful device management capabilities.”

The future of audio in SDW 5000 business headsets†
The SDW 5000 Series features Super Wideband Audio, a new sound standard for headset communication, delivering brilliantly lifelike calls with a significantly more natural, richer sound image as well as great Sennheiser sound when listening to music. Apart from crystal clear speech quality the Sennheiser SDW 5000 Series’ two microphone noise-cancelling system helps to filter out background noise and keeps communication free from disturbance. The own-voice-detector helps suppress subtler distractions in between wordings to further enhance the call experience. In addition, the high density wideband mode ensures premium sound quality in noisy environments with multiple headsets in use at the same time.

One answer for various needs and users
Comprising of a sleek stylish base station and a headset offering a choice of 3 wearing styles – ear hook, headband and neckband – the new SDW 5000 Series provides incredible connectivity and headset flexibility. As well as offering advanced features such as merging/unmerging calls all SDW 5000 headsets are UC optimized and certified for Skype for Business. Triple-connectivity allows the base station to connect with PCs and desk phones as well as mobile phones and tablets via the Bluetooth dongle.

In addition to the SDW 5000 Series headsets, the base station can also be connected to other wired and Bluetooth Sennheiser headsets or a speakerphone (via the USB port). This superior level of flexibility ensures that the SDW 5000 Series can be adapted to meet a vast range of diverse office and user needs.

Peace of mind with enhanced security and effortless device management
Sennheiser’s SDW 5000 Series is one of the most secure solutions of its type available today: It uses advanced security protocols to ensure that business conversation remains confidential, offering features including Protected Pairing, 128bit authentication keys and DECT Security certification. In addition, the USB port, call merging and multiple headset conferencing can be disabled as needed in high security environments.

For effortless, centralized device management that can save IT managers valuable time and resources, Sennheiser has developed HeadSetup Pro Manager. The cloud-based IT management solution allows tracking, monitoring, updating and configuring settings on SDW 5000 and other Sennheiser devices from one single, easy to use dashboard at anytime, anywhere.

Smart features for increased productivity†
With an array of smart features, SDW 5000 delivers a leap forward in usability, ensuring a smooth collaboration and communication experience for increased productivity. Apart from offering advanced call controls via the base station, the headsets’ built-in motion sensor enables automatic control of calls, i.e. answering calls by simply picking up the headset from the desk. In addition, the headset system helps make everyday interactions simpler by featuring a busy light on the headset as well as an optional external busy-light to ensure colleagues are aware of an ongoing call, automatically synchronizing the status with the Skype for Business application.

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