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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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October 31, 2012 |

Unleash the Potential of PCIe Gen3 with Adaptec Series 7 RAID Adapters

To help channel partners provide SMBS with server solutions that take full advantage of PCIe Gen3 bandwidth, Adaptec by PMC offers its most innovative RAID adapter products to date.

As SMBs contend with big data and demanding workloads, PCIe Gen3 – with its promise to double bandwidth – is more compelling than ever. To help channel partners provide SMBS with server solutions that take full advantage of PCIe Gen3 bandwidth, Adaptec by PMC offers its most innovative RAID adapter products to date: The Adaptec Series 7 family.

Smaller Footprint, Maximum Performance Building on Adaptec by PMC’s reputation for quality and reliability, the Adaptec Series 7 family of RAID adapters includes the industry’s first PCIe Gen3 RAID solutions designed to provide better performance, increase flexibility and ease of configuration. Available in five models spanning enterprise class to entry-level, the Series 7 offers solutions to meet any customer’s needs. Do your customers need the ultimate in connectivity and performance? The Series 7 offers 24 native SAS/ SATA ports – the industry’s highest port-count PCIe Gen3 solution. Are customers seeking performance along with density? The Series 7 includes the only low-profile/MD2 form-factor adapter with 16 native ports that fits into a 2U server without a riser card. The innovative low profile form factor of the Series 7 ASR-71605 adapter doubles the port count offered by competitive products.

Storage vendors are focusing on small form-factor solutions that will fit into the smaller chassis while providing the high performance that data centers require. Storage components, such as hard disk drives, are getting physically smaller (though increasing in capacity). Low-profile storage adapters are becoming more common as well, but only a select few are able to deliver top I/O performance and low latency in such a compact form factor. With Adaptec Series 7 adapters, channel partners can provide industry-leading server solutions. The Series 7 can offer exceptional performance with an industry-leading 6.6GB/s throughput and 450K IOPs.

The entire lineup of Series 7 RAID adapters feature the industry’s only 24-port RAID-on-a-chip (ROC). With a Series 7 implementation, channel partners can build server solutions with unprecedented SAS connectivity, performance and flexibility without the need for expanders or expander backplanes. Simplifying server design by removing components in turn speeds performance by eliminating the latency associated with expanders. A streamlined design also eliminates any firmware compatibility issues that may arise among the adapter, expander and hard drives.

Enhanced Features and Functionality

Included in the Adaptec by PMC Series 7 family are the two Series 7Q adapters with maxCache 3.0 support, the latest version of Adaptec by PMC’s innovative SSD caching technology. In addition to supporting read caching and redundant write caching, maxCache 3.0 enables flexibility within the cache pool. Customers now have the option of using more redundancy or more capacity within the cache pool depending on how they implement maxCache 3.0. With maxCache 3.0, customers can accelerate the performance of certain data center applications by intelligently utilizing SSDs. Also new is optimized disk utilization (ODU), a feature which enables partitioning of the cache pool into logical arrays, thereby allowing customers to fully utilize the capacity of their SSD investments.

Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters include the third generation of Adaptec’s Zero Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP) option, a technology that combines 2GB of NAND flash memory and a super capacitor to save cached data during a power outage. Adaptec has added real-time temperature monitoring to allow data center managers to effectively gauge super capacity longevity.

The Adaptec Series 7 family of RAID adapters is the most innovative product line on the market. Through a combination of innovative hardware technology, advanced features and robust firmware, the Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters are designed so that channel partners can deliver server solutions with the highest performance and the most flexibility across all their customers’ applications and workloads.

Find out more about the Adaptec Series 7 family of RAID adapters >>

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