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April 2nd, 2021 | ChannelPro
Back on the road again, if only briefly, ChannelPro’s Joel Zaidspiner checks in with Acronis, BVoIP, Compliancy Group, Nerdio, Pax8, RocketCyber, and Snom about their latest road trip across America. - read more
January 27th, 2015 | ChannelPro
The latest additions to the snom family of fixed and mobile VoIP phone solutions include the M700 DECT multicell base station, M65 IP DECT cordless, and D715 and D725 desktop business phones. - read more
December 17th, 2014 | ChannelPro
The D715 and D725 IP desktop phones feature a new look, new branding, and an upgrade of the internal processor that powers the handset. - read more
October 11th, 2014 | ChannelPro
The new lineup of IP-based cordless DECT products boasts major improvements in coverage, reliability, and features. - read more
July 11th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
It’s not a flashy phone, but it’s solid, feature-rich, and affordable—just what your client needs for a productive day at the office. - read more
February 20th, 2014 | ChannelPro
The SecuGATE LV1 snom edition employs Secusmart's encrypted security card to prohibit voice traffic from being hacked and intercepted. - read more
November 5th, 2013 | ChannelPro
7xx Series IP Phones are now certified for IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform. - read more
October 13th, 2013 | ChannelPro
The IP telephony company's 710, 720, 760, 821, and 870 business phones and PA-1 paging adapter pass Clarity Telemanagement validation testing. - read more
July 9th, 2013 | Admin
The company's IP business phones feature new firmware supporting enhanced PC pairing via Ethernet with Lync-qualified devices. - read more
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