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September 22nd, 2020 | Rich Freeman
Six months after COVID-19 turned office dwellers into instant telecommuters, best practices for protecting remote workers are coming into focus. - read more
July 31st, 2020 | James E. Gaskin
New features for Windows Virtual Desktop, new security software from Sophos and Avast Business, CompTIA’s 2020 Spotlight Award winners, and a finger lickin’ good pair of Crocs are just some of the stories we took our sweet time bringing to you this week. - read more
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July 27th, 2020 | ChannelPro
Riverbed launches new Accelerator for Office 365 and SaaS Accelerator 1.2, two cloud-based solutions that eliminate network impediments impacting the performance of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM, and delivers easy-to-deploy eCDN for Microsoft Teams and Stream live events and on-demand video New acceleration solutions provide up to 10x performance increase of Office 365, mitigating network latency and improving productivity for the largest and farthest-reaching enterprises and mobile... - read more
July 17th, 2020 | James E. Gaskin
A new Americas president for Tech Data, new SaaS protection software from Datto, and a new social distancing tool sure to have an electrifying effect on anyone who gets too close are all among the stories we’ve belatedly rounded up for you. - read more
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July 15th, 2020 | ChannelPro
New technology investments are expected to enhance corporate performance and wellness as employees increasingly Work From Anywhere While 95% of business leaders are comfortable with employees working remote, 69% said they were not completely prepared to support extensive remote work at start of COVID-19 outbreak Businesses expect a nearly 50% increase in employees working remote post COVID-19 More than 3 in 5 (61%) business leaders plan to make investments over the next year to... - read more
October 4th, 2019 | James E. Gaskin
Virtual desktops and real devices from Microsoft, security solutions from McAfee, and a perfect product for anyone who wants AirPods that aren’t actually AirPods and don’t actually work are just a few of the stories we’ve finally gotten around to reporting. - read more
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October 1st, 2019 | ChannelPro
Industry veteran and Riverbed Chairman appointed Interim CEO to drive expanded growth for Company’s Digital Networking and Digital Experience Management solutions - read more
May 17th, 2019 | James E. Gaskin
Open source updates from Intel, a lifeline for Windows 7 users from CloudJumper, and a crazy expensive new way to get your morning caffeine jolt were a few of the many stories we’ve finally taken the time to write about. - read more
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May 16th, 2019 | ChannelPro
Innovative SaaS Accelerator delivers significant performance enhancements for SaaS apps such as O365, Salesforce, Box, ServiceNow, and others SaaS Accelerator combined with Riverbed’s End User Experience Monitoring allows companies for the first time to directly measure, monitor and accelerate the performance of SaaS-based enterprise apps New updates to the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform with enhancements to SD-WAN and Digital Experience Management (DEM) solutions - read more
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April 19th, 2019 | ChannelPro
Bukowski will lead the Americas Sales organization and its market-driven plan to lead Riverbed into the future Puffenberger will oversee company’s business for federal, state, and local government customers - read more


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