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May 22nd, 2023 | Leia Kupris Shilobod
InTech Solutions offers cybersecurity compliance as a program, keeping clients aligned with an evolving world of regulations and growing its own recurring revenue. - read more
March 14th, 2023 | ChannelPro
The new certification aims to bring a positive shift in the overall organizational security culture of the MSP community - read more
Blog Entry
January 4th, 2023 | Mike Semel
If you make promises in marketing—but don’t validate that your team is delivering—you are lying to yourself and risking legal jeopardy. - read more
December 16th, 2022 | ChannelPro Weekly
Today, cyber insurance is a headache. In the future, some say, it will be smothered in guacamole and coated with zesty salsa. Or something like that. What we know for sure is that Matt, Rich, and returning guest host Joshua Liberman, of Net Sciences Inc., have plenty to say this week about cyber liability, data encryption, and the vendor community’s predictions for 2023. - read more
Blog Entry
June 20th, 2022 | Mike Semel
Avoiding cybersecurity can be a federal offense. - read more
March 15th, 2022 | Rich Freeman
Choice CyberSecurity and Kaseya are among several vendors looking to help channel pros with limited expertise turn compliance services into a recurring revenue stream. - read more
March 9th, 2022 | Rich Freeman
A major new upgrade named Compliance Manager GRC aims to turn an auditing and validation tool for a defined set of regulatory mandates into a more complete and flexible governance, risk, and compliance platform. - read more
September 10th, 2021 | Mike Semel
Here’s how to use that as a marketing tool by showing managed services clients you’ve adopted CISA’s security recommendations. - read more
August 16th, 2021 | James E. Gaskin
MSPs following cybersecurity best practices have the foundation to add CMMC compliance services to their portfolio. - read more
July 8th, 2021 | Chuck Ma
Managed service providers have an opportunity to help SMBs reap the benefits of cloud computing while educating them about security risks. - read more


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