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Uplevel Launches Smart Network Notifications to Promote Growth Among Managed Service Providers

The new addition to the vendor's Unbox managed infrastructure-as-a-service platform emails MSPs or an MSP's ticketing system when services need attention. By ChannelPro

Uplevel Systems is adding intelligent push notifications to Unbox, its turnkey managed infrastructure-as-a-service platform, to help managed services providers scale their small business clientele more profitably. The first integrated, intelligent solution targeting the needs of smaller clients, "iLevel Alerts" can be sent to IT solution providers' trouble-ticketing systems, smartphones, or other device of choice to inform them that clients' local networks, Wi-Fi, storage, and cybersecurity need attention.

The new smart notifications inform Uplevel reseller partners when routine and uncommon events occur in client networks such as:

  • Internet links going down
  • Physical links becoming disrupted
  • Systems getting turned off
  • Access points or cables becoming unplugged or disconnected
  • Disk drives approaching capacity

During a recent heatwave, one Portland, Ore.-based Uplevel partner received an alert informing them that a client's network had gone offline, though diagnostic logs indicated no issues with the system itself.  "We reached out to the customer, who confirmed that a circuit breaker in the building had tripped due to all of the power being used by air conditioning systems," said Kyle Brown of Sentinel Tech. "The real benefit was that the client knew and felt reassured that we were watching over their systems and able to alert them to issues before they turned into real business problems."

MSPs already using PSA tools for trouble-ticketing can integrate Uplevel data into their existing workflows. IT consultants transitioning to a managed services model may simply receive alerts via email without having to invest in new systems. According to Uplevel, the new solution is the first to integrate and streamline management of SMB networks, virtual private networks, Wi-Fi, storage, backup, and firewalls in one automated system.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced effort to configure and integrate management of disparate systems
  • Proactive issue prevention versus waiting or customers to call with problems
  • Faster response times / premium pricing based on uptime
  • Effortless upsell opportunities as future investments are needed to maintain quality
  • Higher profitability through greater efficiency and scalability

"With Uplevel sending us a 'heads-up,' we don't have to waste time waiting and watching," says Tony Manso, owner of Taipan Managed Solutions LLC, a Miami, Florida-based MSP. "We can be out turning up new clients and still be instantly alerted when our current subscribers may be having a problem and fix it, often before they are even aware there was an issue. This capability represents a giant step forward in customer service, enabling us to grow and operate efficiently while differentiating our services based on quality and proactive support."

Uplevel made news most recently in June when it launched a new managed VPN solution.

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