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Octonion and Avnet Collaborate with Microsoft on Intelligent Edge IoT Solution

The new offering combines Avnet hardware and Microsoft's Azure public cloud with Octonion's Branium development portal in a bid to simplify the creation of IoT solutions equipped with artificial intelligence. By ChannelPro

Octonion, an Intelligent edge IoT software provider, has launched an online portal in partnership with distributor Avnet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Octonion’s new Brainium portal is designed to help engineers and manufacturers deploy IoT projects with artificial intelligence and security at the edge of the network, leveraging SmartEdge Agile, a ready-to-use IoT device developed by Avnet and powered by ST Micro’s STM32 micro-controller. The solution is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure public cloud.

The three companies unveiled the new offering at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas.

Designed to allow engineers at any level to develop and deploy "meta sensing" solutions combining hardware, software, and AI in as little as six to eight months, the complete Brainium system is available for use immediately. Core componets include:

  • SmartEdge Agile: a modular IoT device
  • AI Studio: a zero-code experience for machine learning and Inference at the edge

The portal allows any user to create a scalable proof of concept. Equipped with an intuitive widget-based interface that provides real-time insights on SmartEdge Agile devices, the Brainium platform is designed to make developing software for IoT applications simpler, so customers can focus on addressing user requirements. Drawing on the power of the Brainium portal, users can conceptualize IoT and AI-based concepts for a range of applications including predictive maintenance for smart manufacturing, smart building, and smart farming solutions.

“At Octonion, we are driving the market forward by defining and creating a superior engineering and development experience,” said Ongan Mordeniz, COO and co-founder of Octonion, in a press statement. “Our Brainium Portal provides a seamless experience, along with a great modular device: The SmartEdge Agile. With these tools in hand, users are now able explore AI horizons that have never been seen before, offering nearly unlimited potential. All this delivered is through the Brainium portal that will inspire technologists who seek a superior, intelligent and open architecture system. Now is the time to up your game by adding IOT with intelligence.”

Brainium is based on Octonion’s end-to-end IoT software platform and artificial intelligence technology. The system is both cloud and gateway agnostic.  

"To enable and accelerate success in IoT project implementation, we have to simplify and overcome the complexity customers are facing," explained Philippe Frémont, vice president of IoT EMEA for Avnet, in a prepared remark. “Having a certified flexible hardware sensor with a smart software platform bringing AI and security at the edge is the promise that Avnet and Octonion are delivering to the market with SmartEdge Agile and Brainium.”

Brainium Portal is the storefront of the Brainium platform, which was introduced last November.

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