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New Partitioning Software with Data Loss Safeguards from Paragon

Partition Manager 10 Server supports the latest operating systems and includes backup and recovery. By ChannelPro

New Partitioning Software with Data Loss Safeguards from Paragon

Partition Manager 10 Server supports the latest operating systems and includes backup and recovery.

Irvine, Calif.-based Paragon Software Group, a provider of data security and data management solutions, announced the release of the latest version of its hard disk management solution, Partition Manager 10 Server Edition. This release provides new partitioning features for the desktop as well as high-end server platforms, both of which are critical to the SMB community.

Partition Manager 10 Server supports the latest operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, and combines disk partitioning functionality with backup and recovery options, as well as several tools to prevent data loss on mission critical servers.

Wizards enable users to create, format, and delete partitions without data loss. With the optional Infrastructure Package add-on, users can boot client machines remotely and carry out operations in an unattended mode, as well as use Paragon's Adaptive Restore technology when upgrading to dissimilar server and workstation hardware, minimizing downtime. Common tasks can be scheduled with a Task Scheduler function and can be automated for reuse on other systems using a built-in Script Generator.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Create Linux/DOS bootable media on a USB flash drive for fast maintenance and recovery operations
  • Support for Windows 7
  • Support of new partitioning technology (GPT) now used in Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Support for Apple Boot Camp so the user can back up and restore configurations as well as redistribute unused space between Mac OS X and Windows partitions
  • Support for the latest hardware due to multi-platform, bootable recovery media, based on the latest Linux kernel, PTS-DOS and WinPE 2.0 (WinPE 2.0 available for Professional and Server versions only).
  • Two-level user interface for both novices and experts
  • Enlarges NTFS partitions (system, locked) without rebooting Windows and interrupting its work
  • Protection against hardware malfunction, an OS failure, or power outage
  • No need for bootable media when modifying system partitions under Windows, including 64-bit versions
  • Automatically removes free space and proportionally resizes partitions to eliminate additional configuration and down-time costs

With the introduction of Partition Manager 10 Server, Paragon is also offering new Technician Licensing tiers for a variety of business environments and value-added resellers. Independent IT technicians or managed service providers (MSPs) supporting multiple clients have a Technician License specifically for their needs; SMBs managing a small group of servers in a co-located facility have their own tier; and larger business organizations that need to provide tools for multiple technicians in different geographic locations also have their own license tier.

Partition Manager 10 Server Edition starts at $299.

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