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Isogent Announces Inform, an All-in-One Solution for Smarter Business Decision Making

Isogent, an IT services and solutions company, has launched its latest software, Inform. Designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive all-in-one solution, Inform is AI-powered software with four dynamic modules, including CRM, ERP, BI, and marketing automation tools, all accessible through a single pane of glass. The software includes comprehensive dashboards and robust reporting, intuitive marketing automation, dynamic productivity monitoring, and an advanced ticketing support system.

Inform is built with small- to medium-size business owners in mind, offering access to critical information for smarter decision making. The software also provides API integrations with leading platforms, including Microsoft, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Twilio, RFMS, ChatGPT, Paperless Environments, Zoom, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and OpenAI's API for email content generation, social media management, customer communication channels, report gathering capabilities, and more.

Inform boasts cutting-edge technology, including AI-powered content writing and text optimization. With powerful marketing automation tools, businesses can stay connected with their customers through personalized campaigns based on customer data, including buying behavior or past interactions with the company's website or mobile application. These tools leverage AI algorithms to analyze customer data, identifying the most effective messaging for driving conversions or sales from potential customers.

The dashboards and robust reporting features of Inform provide users with an overall view of their company's performance across all departments, including sales and marketing, operations and finance, customer service and support, and HR and recruitment. These features allow businesses to identify areas where improvements can be made and make informed decisions for the future.

The software also includes employee productivity monitoring, and a ticketing support system that makes it easier for customers to submit requests or complaints while allowing businesses to track each case in real-time.

Inform is now available through Isogent's website at


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