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Diskeeper Corp. Touts Its New File System Driver Technology

Company cites fragment prevention and increased speed and efficiency amid findings of benchmark tests done of the new IntelliWrite technology "across a variety of common business applications." By Admin

Diskeeper Corp. presents the following downloadable whitepaper. The topic is the company's new IntelliWrite technology. According to Diskeeper, IntelliWrite improves system speed and reliability by preventing fragmentation from occurring in the first place.

Fragmentation has historically been addressed after it has already occurred via manual, scheduled, or automatic defragmentation. Just like an up-to-date anti-virus product prevents a virus from affecting the system, Diskeeper says its Diskeeper 2010 software with IntelliWrite technology proactively prevents "up to 85 percent of fragmentation from being written to the hard drive and impeding the system's performance."

The white paper outlines ways that Diskeeper says enables IntelliWrite technology to increase server and workstation performance. Moreover, Diskeeper cites a number of benchmark tests across a variety of common business applications that show fragments were prevented by IntelliWrite and speed and efficiency of a computer running with Diskeeper 2010 were improved.

The white paper further asserts that IntelliWrite is a green technology, "providing the opportunity for significant energy savings."

The white paper is available for download here as well as on Diskeeper's Web site.

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