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Breach Secure Now! Adds Stolen Credentials to Dark Web Scanning Solution

Drawing on technology from InfoArmor Inc. that utilizes human operatives along with automated data collection, the system now lists breached passwords in addition to compromised user accounts. By ChannelPro

Security vendor Breach Secure Now! (BSN), of Morristown, N.J., has launched a new version of its Dark Web Breach Assessment (DWBA) solution equipped with advanced threat intelligence from InfoArmor Inc.

The previous edition of DWBA scanned accounts associated with a client’s email domain, identified which accounts have been involved in a breach, and provided a risk assessment report. DWBA 2.0 draws on VigilanteATI, a threat intelligence solution from Scottsdale, Ariz.-based InfoArmor that utilizes human operatives in addition to automated data collection, to conduct dark web surveillance, monitor employee activities that could put them at risk for identity theft, and report on breached credentials and passwords as well.

The result is better protection for end users and compelling vulnerability data that MSPs can use to convince business owners to invest more in defensive technologies and BSN’s security awareness training solution, according to Breach Secure Now! CEO Art Gross.

“VigilanteATI provides the human intelligence and feedback that’s missing from most security software,” said Gross in a press statement. “The human operatives monitor forums and look for breached data, almost like double-agents. They not only identify that a breach occurred, but also identify the stolen password data that caused the breach or put the company at risk for one. InfoArmor has well-vetted data that gives our MSP partners the ability to show their clients that their employees’ credentials and passwords have been compromised—a capability our partners have been asking for.”

DWBA 2.0 users will also benefit from VigilanteATI’s rapid intelligence capabilities, which provide real-time insights into the potential impact of a data breach, according to InfoArmor CEO John Schreiber.

“The high cost of employee identity theft impacts everyone,” said Schreiber in prepared remarks. “With VigilanteATI, the damages to both personal and corporate assets are minimized. We are pleased to integrate our services with Breach Secure Now! to help employers protect their most valuable resources—starting with their employees.”

BSN’s flagship security training platform teaches users about phishing attacks, ransomware, social media scams, and other threats, along with best practices for avoiding those dangers. It then offers ongoing reinforcement instruction.

An updated edition of BSN’s training platform introduced in May includes an “employee vulnerability assessment” (EVA) feature assigns users an “employee secure score” (ESS) based on how often their credentials show up in the dark web, how diligently they adhere to company security policies, and how well they perform on weekly micro-training quizzes, among other variables. The higher an individual’s score, the less likely they are to endanger corporate assets by falling for a phishing campaign or other attack.

“We are committed to continuing to expand our services so our clients and MSP partners have access to everything they need to protect their clients from cybercriminals,” said Gross in his press statement. “Adding VigilanteATI to DWBA 2.0 reflects that commitment and strengthens those protections.”

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