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In a conversation with ChannelPro, and each other, three experienced Datto partners share their hopes and fears for the future, and explain why they’ll be sticking with the tools they use today until they see a reason to change course. By Rich Freeman

So if a company grows and grows and grows and has to meet shareholder expectations and they’re in a channel that’s already consolidating that they’re telling people they’re not going to sell outside of, we have an opportunity right now to develop a channel of MSPs that are willing to sell to enterprise. And if we can develop it out well enough and sell it fast enough, hopefully we’ll get to a point in the future where they don’t turn into Microsoft feeling like MSPs are a hindrance to meet the numbers they need to meet. 

That’s what I’m hoping to avoid, and that’s an opportunity I see that I want to try to get involved with Kaseya and Datto and try to seize and kind of pave the way for other MSPs to follow, because there’s a huge opportunity. One enterprise client I bring to Datto could equal one MSP’s full book of business, it’s those type of numbers. So that’s one thing that I’m hoping to get as an opportunity from this.

Tinnirello: I hope the opportunity [for Datto] to continue to develop products, especially on the PSA and RMM side, where I think there’s a lot of opportunity, I hope that will continue to happen, and maybe the acquisition and integration of some other products that we use. 

In the conversation that you had with him, Fred said that he doesn’t think customers are asking MSPs about the individual products [that Kaseya makes following last summer’s ransomware incident]. I disagree because I’ve talked to them and they absolutely did ask if we had any SolarWinds products and they absolutely did ask if we used any Kaseya products. I hope that doesn’t become an issue when a prospect is considering an MSP… 

My hope is that the cash infusion will just help take these products that are really important in running our business to the next level. There are some products that both Kaseya sells on their own and Datto sells on their own that I’m not as worried about. I just want to see good things come out of the investment into [RMM and PSA], because they really are the lifeblood of our business.

Beck: My fear is about, selfishly, the support aspect. I’ve gotten support from both teams. I know which one is certainly more responsive and faster to help me resolve issues for my clients, and ultimately that’s what we’re selling. We’re selling peace of mind to our clients that we’re going to help their businesses be successful and be profitable, and we expect our players that we decide to partner with to also be like-minded. And I think anyone that’s listening to me talking right now knows exactly what I’m talking about as to which team currently is much more responsive to getting things solved than the other. 

So my big fear is will Datto support continue to be as superior as it’s been and will there be stability continuing on with the partner reps? I’ve heard from a few others and I know I’ve experienced it—in one house I had new reps pretty much every couple of months, and just as you were starting to get a relationship, they were gone. On the other side of the house, I’ve had the same rep since I joined them, and it’s been an amazing partnership … 

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