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30 Under 30 (Part 1 of a Series)

By Harry Brelsford

Here's the terrible news. For section one of this two part series, we couldn't discover 30 nerds younger than 30 in our SMB technology network. For this case, a nerd is a Managed Services Provider, specialist or architect—the real deal! Also, the news deteriorates—with the above persona definition, we were unable to discover at least one ladies in technology who fit our standards. What's happening with that?

Based on our challenges in targeting 30 under 30, we decided to make this an on-going series with the challenge issued that we need your future help with nominations!

Those disclaimers aside, please welcome the first batch of 30 under 30! (Yes—it’s only a dozen names)

Note you can click the hyperlink to learn more about these fine folks!

Demographic Danger

It’s no secret our SMB MSP geek community is an aging community. You can see that when you walk the floors at events (back in the good old days) and seeing the zoom boxes with online community events. The fact we only found a dozen first pass, and not hundreds, is incredibly scary. Either we didn’t have enough babies on the way up or young'ns have little interest in the profession. That means there will (a) be a future labor shortage or (b) innovations in technologies such as A.I. and robotics will fill the gap.

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