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July 9, 2024 |

5 Tech Companies Aim for Channel Dominance. Read Their Powerful Pitches to MSPs.

Representatives of Zero Networks, Ostendio, Sectigo, Lumu Technologies, and Josys want to help you stay ahead in the IT channel. Here’s how.

There are a wide range of burgeoning companies in the IT channel making their pitch to MSPs. They offer MSPs fresh opportunities to let IT teams do what they do best, enhance their service offerings and stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

Here are key insights from five companies ChannelPro spoke with during the Pax8 Beyond 2024 conference earlier this summer: Zero Networks, Ostendio, Sectigo, Lumu Technologies, and Josys. Some are just starting to work with MSPs, while others see focusing on services providers as a key strategy for them to grow.

Zero Networks

Zero Networks at Pax8 Beyond 2024

Adam Hofeler (right) and Vince Blake of Zero Networks

Cybersecurity company Zero Networks focuses on micro-segmentation technology. Founded by former Microsoft professionals, Zero Networks offers an agentless solution that includes their patented “just in time MFA” to enhance security without complicating management, ensuring profitability for MSPs.

What It Does: The company aims to prevent attackers from accessing privileged areas within a network by using micro-segmentation. The innovative approach simplifies this complex process, making it easier to manage without the traditional challenges.

Pitch to MSPs: “It [is] very simple to use, easy to manage, and it just works,” said Adam Hofeler, vice president of go-to-market. “We build and create all the rules and rule sets needed to be micro-segmented in an agentless fashion, so you don’t have to worry about managing agents, rolling out agents, or updating agents. We use Just-in-Time MFA, which is patented for Zero Networks. If someone tries to get access to something privileged or special that’s not in the rules, they get prompted from an MFA. Once they’re verified, we open the port. This way, access is secure without unnecessary complexity.”


Ken Varrone of Ostendio

Ken Varrone

Ostendio provides a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform designed to help MSPs with cybersecurity risk assessments and management. By leveraging Ostendio’s platform, MSPs can enhance their service offerings with tools like MDR, EDR, XDR, and compliance controls, positioning themselves as advisory experts in the field.

What It Does: Ostendio’s platform enables MSPs to manage cybersecurity and compliance effectively, helping them grow by offering advanced security and compliance services.

Pitch to MSPs: “In the cybersecurity industry, we’re not selling something that someone doesn’t need; we’re creating a more secure business and basically selling an outcome,” explained CEO Ken Varrone. “Let’s take CMC, for example. It’s a cybersecurity framework. If you’re in manufacturing and you have the Department of Defense, a government agency that’s asking you to comply with CMC, there is a risk to your customer if you’re not compliant. You will likely not get that contract renewed. You might even get dropped [from] that contract. But if you have a compliant environment, it’s going to help. You win more business.”


Max Edwards of Sectigo

Max Edwards

Sectigo is a leading provider of automated certificate management solutions, formerly known as Comodo CA.

What It Does: Offers a multitenant console that allows MSPs to manage and automate certificate lifecycles for their clients. By automating the process, MSPs put forth less manual effort, save time, reduce risks by increasing security, and create new recurring revenue streams.

Pitch to MSPs: “Don’t wait. Deploy an automated certificate management solution,” noted Max Edwards, senior director of partnerships. “Do it now because once you automate, you can now redeploy your resources elsewhere. And you can also turn this into a very attractive revenue stream that you don’t have today. Let’s face it, the competition in the MSP market is growing exponentially, especially when you have large companies moving down market to compete against those smaller and midsize MSPs. You want to have more things that you can offer your customers and provide more value to them.”

Lumu Technologies

Jarrett Benavidez of Lumu

Jarrett Benavidez

Lumu Technologies offers a multitenant cybersecurity platform focused on automating network monitoring, detection, and response for MSPs.

What It Does: The platform helps MSPs build and manage SOC operations, addressing the shortage of cybersecurity talent by automating critical tasks. Lumu allows MSPs to provide world-class security services at an accessible price, leveraging existing technology stacks to add significant value without additional costs.

Pitch to MSPs: “We are addressing the SOC operations problem by automating all of the network monitoring detection response, including blocking attacks for MSPs,” said Jarrett Benavidez, vice president of sales for North America. “These are things that have traditionally been done by a combination of technology and humans, but very heavy on the human side in terms of investigation, time spent looking for false positive, and really trying to figure out, ‘What should I be worried about?’ We automate the entire process using our own intellectual property in our AI.”


Steve Weinstock of Josys

Steve Weinstock

Josys is a cloud app management platform that helps IT professionals and MSPs manage their clients’ applications efficiently.

What It Does: This SaaS platform simplifies the management of cloud applications, providing tools for onboarding, offboarding, and monitoring application usage to optimize costs and enhance security. Josys helps MSPs streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide better visibility and security for their clients.

Pitch to MSPs: “MSPs now oversee a range of client activities, striving to continue delivering value for their clients,” said Steve Weinstock, senior director of business development. “Our solution equips the MSP with the tools that allow them to manage their clients more effectively and efficiently, as well as provide visibility into their security posture, enhancing the value they provide.”

Image: iStock

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