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May 28, 2024 |

Rezonate Announces New Integration with CrowdStrike to Stop Identity Breaches

New Rezonate integration with the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR Platform extends identity threat detection and response to public clouds, SaaS and identity providers.

BOSTON — Rezonate, the identity-first security platform, announced a new integration with the industry-leading AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform to efficiently detect and respond to modern identity-based threats everywhere users and machines operate. Rezonate extends Falcon’s identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities across on-premises systems, cloud infrastructures, identity providers and SaaS applications, stopping identity-based attacks.

Attackers are taking advantage of the complex and vulnerable identity fabric that digital transformation brings with rapid cloud expansion and SaaS growth. As businesses continue to digitally expand, security teams are challenged by unprecedented levels of scale, making it more difficult to control and secure access to critical applications and data with shadow accounts, toxic and unprotected access paths, and semisecure security protocols — all of which creates massive opportunity for attackers.

Rezonate and CrowdStrike integrate

Rezonate and CrowdStrike enable organizations to outpace attackers.

To help security teams effectively and efficiently monitor and protect their organization’s identity fabric, the new Rezonate integration with the Falcon Platform delivers end-to-end visibility, continuous monitoring, security controls, and identity threat detection and response over human and nonhuman identities, their access privileges, and activities. For organizations managing identities in a hybrid environment, this solution enables real-time, actionable insights and risk-driven automated remediation.

Core capabilities of the Rezonate and CrowdStrike integration include:

  • End-to-End Identity Attack Surface Visibility: Integrated data model correlates user accounts and endpoint signals with identities across cloud, SaaS and identity providers to deliver a unified storyline for comprehensive visibility.
  • Unified Identity Threat Detection: Monitor millions of identity and access events and leverage real-time threat signals, threat models, and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to swiftly spot and stop identity breaches, both on the endpoint and beyond.
  • Blast Radius Analysis: Discover endpoint-related identities and their access privileges across the cloud, SaaS, and identity providers for better attack containment.
  • Response Orchestration: Expand response actions beyond the endpoint to halt lateral movement to and across cloud identities.
  • Identity and Access Compliance for NIST CSF 2.0: Streamline investigation of suspicious user and machine activities across cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and identity providers.

“Threat groups, cybercriminals, and state-funded attackers are gaining an advantage because identity security is broken across multiple tools and stakeholders in the organizations, each lacking the context or control over many parts of human and nonhuman identities,” said Roy Akerman, co-founder and CEO of Rezonate. “Attackers exploit this fragmentation, swiftly compromising identities and breaking out from one user account to another across diverse systems. While multiple parties monitor and control identities in isolated silos, attackers capitalize on this disjointed process seamlessly executing their malicious intent.

“The recent string of high-profile breaches are living proof of this growing problem, and retrofitting our existing fragmented and legacy security tools is not working. Rezonate and CrowdStrike bring real-time security to the identity and access realm treating identity holistically and ensuring end-to-end coverage, emphasizing the need for instantaneous, intelligent responses to attacks from cloud to ground.”

This integration is available for free for both CrowdStrike and Rezonate customers and can be purchased in the CrowdStrike Marketplace.

About Rezonate

Rezonate is a leading identity security provider and a 2023 Gartner® Cool VendorsTM in Identity-First Security. The Rezonate platform empowers organizations to securely accelerate growth in cloud and SaaS environments while protecting human and machine identities and their access. By integrating unified visibility across the identity fabric with identity security posture management and identity threat detection and response, Rezonate enables security and identity teams to effectively collaborate and stay ahead of evolving threats, and maintain trust in the digital era. Learn more at

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