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January 5, 2024 |

4 Ways the ChannelPro Advisory Group is Shaping the MSP Industry

Learn about the four mandates that these members have taken on and how they will impact our audience.

Although it just launched, the ChannelPro Advisory Group is already taking a monumental step forward in enhancing the IT services industry.

The new group is comprised of a diverse mix of thought leaders and channel veterans that were selected from among more than 70 nominees, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Their collective expertise ensures that ChannelPro’s content and initiatives are not just informative but also actionable.

Here are the four mandates that these members have taken on and how they will impact our audience:

1. Setting the Editorial Direction

The cornerstone of any influential platform is its content. The advisory group already is playing a pivotal role in setting the publication’s overall direction. By identifying the topics, trends, and issues that need attention, these experts will ensure that the IT services community stays abreast of critical developments and innovations. This strategic guidance, paired with a commitment to journalistic integrity, helps ChannelPro educate its audience effectively.

“ChannelPro has always been a catalyst for change, and for providing forward-looking thought leadership in our industry,” MSP and Advisory Group member Rory Sanchez said. “I’m honored for the invitation to be a contributor of this group.”

2. Ensuring Unparalleled Value at Live Events

Human connection fosters growth and innovation. Although ChannelPro’s live events have been praised as a “leading platform for learning and collaboration,” it takes a village to maintain that level of excellence. The group will influence the selection of panelists, help select and refine session topics, create educational materials exclusive to ChannelPro, and foster meaningful conversations at these events.

3. Guiding MSPs with Best Practices

Advisory Group members have offered to share the business-building best practices that helped them grow their own organizations. Because each member is dialed-in and well connected, they will also connect ChannelPro’s writers with innovators and unsung heroes. These new contributors will fuel the news engine and provide a fresh perspective on the pressing issues of the day.

“This opportunity aligns perfectly with my company’s core mission: transforming IT service provision through strategic leadership and cutting-edge practices. We’re ready to contribute and collaborate, pioneering the next-gen MSP evolution,” said MSP+OS CEO and Advisory Group member Adam Bielanksi.

4. Recognizing Excellence

Highlighting top MSPs, vendors, technologies, and individuals is another essential activity of the advisory group. Awards and recognitions serve as benchmarks for excellence, encouraging others to strive for the same high standards. Group members will be asked to evaluate and judge individual and organizational achievements throughout the year, and help foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within the channel.

Charting the Path Forward

The ChannelPro Advisory Group’s deep experience and multifaceted approach promises to offer tangible benefits beyond ChannelPro’s insider community. By setting the editorial direction, enhancing live events, harnessing IT and business expertise, and awarding excellence, the group will not just influence one trade publication but help move the entire industry towards a brighter, more successful future.

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