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November 19, 2019 |

Illusive Networks Extends Cyber Protection to OT and IoT Attack Surfaces

Innovative cyber defense leader extends deception families to include high-risk OT, IoT, and IT network infrastructure

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Illusive NetworksÆ, the leader in deception-based cyber defense solutions, today announced a series of new enhancements to the Illusive Platform that extend protection to critical attack surface elements where traditional security approaches face challenges: IoT (Internet of Things), OT (Operational Technology), and network components such as routers and switches. New functionality provides organizations with broader coverage as digital transformation initiatives and the evolution of advanced persistent threats expand attack surfaces.

“Adversaries are increasing their focus on non-traditional IT attack surfaces, and concerns raised by evaporating perimeter security in the areas of IoT and OT are impacting transformation efforts,” said Ofer Israeli, CEO and founder of Illusive Networks. “Today, we are releasing enhancements to the Illusive Platform that ensure early threat detection and rapid informed response no matter the source or evolution of attacks, putting attackers on the defensive, and allowing organizations to operate without fear.”

Enhancements to the Illusive Platform include:

IoT Emulations – Customized emulations mimicking any IoT device running on any IoT protocol. IoT Emulations poison an organization’s potential attack surface by flooding its network with a scalable web of deceptive IoT devices that appear real to attackers. The emulations are indistinguishable from genuine IoT devices. Attackers are forced to reveal themselves as they interact with the deception elements. Emulations also send a high-fidelity incident record to defenders immediately upon attacker interaction, with full and detailed forensics, so organizations can monitor, counter, block, and collect intelligence†about IoT threats in real time.

OT Emulations – Illusive OT Emulations prevent attackers from reaching critical operational technology and industrial control systems that cannot be properly secured any other way. Customizable OT emulations, and data-based lures such as deceptive jump servers and workstations leading to the emulations, are spread on the network and appear to attackers as components of real OT systems. Illusive forces attackers to reveal their presence upon engagement with these deceptive OT components for early threat identification. Attacker interaction with the emulations also generates full forensics, enabling the immediate halt of in-progress attacks. Ultimately, Illusive emulations prevent increasingly common OT attacks, eliminate threat detection blind spots without interruptions and secure infrastructure without the need to take vital OT systems offline.†

Network Device Emulations – Authentic emulations of routers, switches, printers, VoIP systems and other network devices are designed to detect attacks against network communications infrastructure. Illusive deploys a web of these highly credible emulations, as well as endpoint data deceptions that point to them as lures, across the network. Emulations trick attackers into interacting with them, allowing organizations to agentlessly identify and prevent threats against network communications infrastructure without complex deployments or business disruptions.

“Organizations are turning to Illusive to help them gain control, visibility, and protection for infrastructure platforms that typically do not have a full complement of security protections, be it cutting-edge IoT devices or legacy OT systems, as attackers seek to exploit gaps in these systems,” said Gil Shulman, VP of Product Management at Illusive Networks. “Deception technology is an easy and effective layer to address these needs, but must be authentic to the environment. Illusive’s next-gen IoT, OT and Network Device Emulations are engineered to mimic real-world environments in a way that fools attackers into engagement, consequently triggering a powerful response and removing unconventional infrastructure as an attack path for cyber criminals.”

For more information about these new deception families please see our feature briefs:

IoT Emulations –

OT Emulations –

Router and Switch Emulations –

†About Illusive Networks
Illusive Networks uses next-generation deception technology to stop cyber-attacks by detecting and disarming attackers, destroying their decision-making processes, and depriving them of the means to laterally move towards attack targets. Illusive’s inescapable deception and attack surface reduction capabilities eliminate high-risk pathways to critical systems, force attackers to reveal themselves early in the threat lifecycle, and capture real-time forensics that accelerate incident response. Built on agentless, advanced automation and requiring very little security team support, Illusive immediately shifts the advantage to defenders, freeing precious resources from the complicated and data-heavy approaches that overload them today.

For more information, visit, contact us at or follow on LinkedIn, @Illusivenw on Twitter and Facebook.

Media Contact for Illusive:

SOURCE Illusive Networks

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