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May 3, 2019 |

New Features, Functionality Added to Addigy Apple Device Management Platform

Enhanced Cloud-Based Platform Now Includes Single Sign-On, LANCache Peer-to-Peer Caching, Expanded MDM Coverage, Device Fact/Script Sharing Resources and More

Addigy, a leading provider of cloud-based Apple device management software, announced general availability of the company’s enhanced Apple Device Management platform, introducing single sign-on, LANCache peer-to-peer caching, expanded mobile device management (MDM) coverage, the Addigy Community Center for device fact/script sharing and the Addigy Academy, a comprehensive and engaging online training resource for IT administrators.

“New for 2019 is a suite of user-driven features and functionality designed to simplify and enhance the macOS/iOS IT administrator experience,” said Jason Dettbarn, CEO for Addigy. “We are pleased to formally introduce our enhanced platform to a growing audience of professionals focused on streamlining macOS/iOS management for both SMB and enterprise IT environments.”

Included as part of the platform upgrades are technology, resource and training advancements which make the Addigy Apple Device Management platform the most administrator friendly solution available. Incorporated are the following additions:†

  • Google Single Sign-On (SSO): Addigy has integrated Google SSO into its solution. Leveraging existing Google G Suite accounts, users can uniquely log into Addigy with a single click.
  • LANCache High Availability Peer-to-Peer Caching: Addigy LANCache enables high availability peer-to-peer file caching within corporate networks. LANCache can also be configured to weight specific peers for prioritized distribution as well as establishing a dedicated file distribution server. Regardless of how it is configured, LANCache will reduce internet bandwidth consumption and decrease file access and distribution time.
  • Expanded Mobile Device Management (MDM) Coverage: Addigy has expanded its MDM configurations, including Login Items which give administrators control over the applications and scripts that deploy when a user logs in. The Addigy Finder allows admins to configure the appearance and functionality of the finder application and Dock allows for the customization of the dock for end users, as well as the restriction of their ability to change it. Restrictions prevent the user from setting up AirPlay, iCloud, AirPrint, Software Updates, Camera, Touch ID, Apple Music, and other applications. Finally, Addigy’s Privacy Preferences Policy Control is now included for managing devices with Mojave (10.14).
  • Addigy Community Center for File/Script Sharing: The Addigy Community Center allows administrators to share their custom device facts and scripts with the entire Addigy partner community. Use cases include the leveraging of these facts and scripts to create powerful monitoring/remediation workflows and much more. All submitted facts and scripts are reviewed to ensure compliance with established guidelines and published within the Web-based community center. Administrators/contributors can post comments on any community script or fact to provide direct feedback to the related author.

Other updates include user interface (UI) improvements to streamline the user experience and the launch of Addigy Academy, a comprehensive and engaging online training resource that allows administrators to quickly learn the entire spectrum of Addigy features and capabilities. Addigy Academy is built on a leading learning management system and will be updated on a regular basis to keep pace with new product updates and capabilities. As part of the Addigy Academy, a formal training and certification program has been implemented to validate administrator knowledge, expertise and mastery level of the platform.

The enhanced Addigy Apple Device Management platform is available immediately to partners and customers worldwide.

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