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February 14, 2018 |

Recursive Labs Unveils First-of-Its-Kind, Video-Based Customer Engagement Tool That Facilitates Online Communication in Real-Time

Former Disney CTO Brains behind Industry-Changing Technology that Addresses Increased Demand for Digital Customer Interaction

Recursive Labs, a developer and innovator of state-of-the-art customer engagement platforms used to facilitate real-time communication between online businesses and their customers, announced the unveiling of its new†Request†solution. Request is the first-of-its-kind customer engagement platform that incorporates†live video†to enhance online consumer communication.

Request offers a revolutionary way for businesses to interact with their online consumers. Whether using their mobile devices or desktop computers, with Request, consumers can easily and quickly create a live video by recording their screen to show and explain their issues or pose their questions in real-time. They are afforded the ability to describe their issue using their own words, in their own voice, and then, with one click, send the video off to the respective business for rapid resolution. The video allows the business to easily identify, see and hear the issue being brought to their attention.

Request’s patented technology takes virtual queuing – traditionally known as the method by which customers receive a call back from a customer service agent – to new levels. Request has the capability to view and interpret exactly what’s on the user’s screen and transcribe it into a video. There are no plug-ins, downloads or installations necessary on the part of the consumer – just a simple click, record and send.

Developed by Recursive Labs’ R&D team, Request fully integrates into various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics. It can immediately create support and sales tickets in the system for quick resolution saving customers time and businesses the cost of transcribing the call.

Recursive Labs is known for developing some of the most advanced and secure engagement solutions, designed for security-conscious industries. To this end, Request is applicable to several verticals, such as financial services, e-commerce, retail and a range of other online marketplaces where one-to-one customer communication and security is integral.

“In an age of heightened emphasis on digital communication, businesses are continually looking for ways to easily, seamlessly and safely interact with their customers. We developed our pioneering, patented Request technology to directly address this increased demand for digital customer interaction. Request is extremely easy to use for both the consumer and business with whom he or she is communicating. It is designed to enable businesses to focus on their customers by meeting their needs and respecting their time. Since consumers have the ability to reach out about their needs whenever it’s most convenient for them, using whatever device they choose, Request positively impacts the customer experience and aids in acquisition and retention. Request saves time by allowing customers to avoid the frustration of waiting in a virtual line, on hold. They can share what they are looking at, ask questions or simply describe the problem in their own words, which businesses can easily see and decipher,” said Bud Albers, chief executive officer at Recursive Labs.

“Request has the power to change the way online interaction happens. It directly addresses today’s 24/7 expectation for instantaneous access to customer service from anywhere on any device. Request eases frustrations customers currently witness such as long on-hold phone times and delayed email responses. As the world becomes more digitized, personal engagement will become key to creating and sustaining loyal customers. Business leaders will embrace Request’s cutting-edge technology because their customer-focused agents can communicate more directly, quickly and easily with their customers, enable a more scalable call center and be on the cusp of the future digitization of customer service,” Albers explained.

Brian Leckrone, director of operations at†Tone It Up, an online health and fitness platform for women, and Request customer, said: “Request is transforming the overall Tone It Up customer experience. By allowing our users to simply and seamlessly notify us in real time, we can quickly react. Seeing the problem just as they see it eliminates the need to transcribe and replicate any user issue. As a result, we can deliver a better product to our customers and more quickly respond to their online needs.”

For a limited time, to maximize the introduction of its advanced technology, Recursive Labs is offering a free 45-day Request trial. Additionally, the first 100 paying beta customers will receive unlimited video minutes for one year.

Digitization of consumer transactions are growing exponentially. For example,†according to a survey produced for Mitek, digital channels were the most popular way for customers to open credit, savings and checking accounts in 2016. In fact, 72 percent of consumers used digital channels to open a checking account, up from 12 percent in 2014. Furthermore, today’s digital world created a culture of immediacy that has fundamentally changed the way customers and businesses interact. According to an October 2016 Salesforce Report, entitled†State of the Connected Customer Insights,†this shift has led to an increased demand for real-time consumer-business interaction. In fact, according to the report, 64 percent of customers expected companies to both respond and interact with them in real-time. The rise in online consumer-business communication, coupled with these evolving customer demands, strategically positions Recursive Labs and its advanced customer engagement platforms to capitalize on the changing dynamics of digital-based interactions.

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