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November 4, 2014 |

Dot Hill Unveils Latest Version of RealStor Storage Management Software

RealStor 2.0 software suite is designed to accelerate storage management operations to provide data where customers need it, when they need it, and in real-time.

Dot Hill Systems Corp., a supplier of enterprise-class storage systems, has unveiled the latest version of its smart storage management software, Dot Hill RealStor version 2.0, which delivers application workload-aware intelligence for today’s next-generation hybrid flash storage arrays. The new software is now available across the company’s entire line of storage systems equipped with the latest generation AssuredSAN†4004 storage controllers.

RealStor 2.0 features include:

  • RealTierAutonomic Real-time Tiering – Storage tiering allows organizations to save up to 75 percent on storage expenses by more efficiently using lower-cost storage, states Dot Hill. By providing real-time, autonomic data tiering, the RealTier feature allows hybrid storage arrays to deliver performance comparable to all-flash arrays at a fraction of the price. Data is autonomically placed and subsequently moved across as many as three tiers, including flash, high-speed disk, and near-line large capacity devices.
  • RealPool – RealPool automatically virtualizes storage across device types and simplifies disk management in heterogeneous environments, while enabling a wide array of advanced features, such as thin provisioning, rapid RAID rebuild, and tiering. RealStor 2.0’s virtualized pools combine any and all device types into a single, versatile pool. This enables users to leverage multiple device types for added flexibility and optimization.
  • RealThin -†Thin provisioning optimizes capacity management. Instead of reserving and consuming storage when host volumes are created, thin provisioning only consumes capacity as needed by applications.
  • RealSnap –†Virtual snapshots streamline the action of creating point-in-time images, providing capabilities to snap volumes multiple times with no performance impact for improved backup and recovery. Snaps can be nested hierarchically and are fully writable.
  • RealQuick -†Rebuild improves system up-time and data protection by reducing the risk of data loss after a drive failure. Rebuilding only the data that is being used, not the full RAID set, translates into up to 10 times faster restore time for drives based upon utilization. With nothing to set or configure, this feature restores complete fault tolerance faster to the RAID set and reduces the duration of potential application performance degradation due to one or multiple device failures.
  • RealCache -†Read caching provides on-demand performance for peak loads, exceeding memory cache capabilities of the controller. RealCache allows solid-state drive (SSD) cache to become an extension of the controller cache, increasing effective cache capacity by up to 100 times compared to disk, increasing IOPS performance for read-centric workloads. In addition, one or more entire LUNs can be assigned (or excluded from) a flash or any other tier.

Dot Hill RealStor 2.0 is now shipping with all AssuredSAN arrays with 4004 storage controllers. Customers who have previously purchased AssuredSAN systems equipped with 4004 controllers can acquire the RealStor 2.0 software suite from authorized Dot Hill partners. Dot Hill RealStor customers with SSD drives can unlock the RealTier premium component via a licensing key and upgrade charge. For details, go to†

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