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Retrospect Announces Hybrid Data Protection with New Cloud Storage Support

The latest version of Retrospect will support integrated cloud backup to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost, and others, enabling offsite data protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux. By ChannelPro

Retrospect Inc., makers of Retrospect Backup & Recovery software, has introduced a full hybrid backup solution with the release of Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac. The new version supports integrated cloud backup to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost, and other Retrospect-certified cloud storage providers. Cloud backup to third-party cloud storage providers allows Retrospect customers to protect their Windows, Mac, and Linux environment off-site.

The company’s cloud backup support offers:

  • Zero Knowledge Security – Industry-standard AES-256 encryption assures customers that their data and their encryption keys remain theirs, regardless of whether their cloud storage provider suffers a security breach.
  • Advanced Seeding and Large Scale Recovery Support – Retrospect supports seeding options for the initial backup and large scale recovery for large restore scenarios.
  • Private Cloud Support – Retrospect is certified to back up to Basho Riak CS, an open-source software that allows partners to run a private cloud in their own data center.

Retrospect v11 for Windows and v13 for Mac include a new performance-optimized grooming mode that is up to 5x faster. With grooming, states the company, customers stay protected with a long-term backup retention policy to ensure recovery from yesterday, last week, last month, or five years ago, using storage that fits their budget. The latest release is also certified for Microsoft Exchange 2016 database protection   

Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac are free updates for customers with current qualifying annual support and maintenance contracts, and are now available from resellers or as a download. Pricing for Retrospect ranges from $119 for Retrospect Desktop, which protects a single non-server computer and up to five additional networked computers, up to $2899 for Retrospect Multi Server, which protects as many Mac, Windows, and Linux servers and PCs as the user’s bandwidth and storage capacity will allow. Upgrades range from $69 to $2399.

Additionally, Retrospect Partners are now able to become “Cloud Certified” with the company’s new Cloud Certification Program. Partners can set up their own cloud storage service with Basho Riak CS for new and existing customers to use, and Retrospect will certify and call out these new “Cloud Certified” partners at

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