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The former Sienna Group LLC will now be the ConnectWise Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Its goal, according to ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini (pictured), will be closing the gap between demand for security expertise and available supply in the channel. By Rich Freeman

Drawing on data from its partners, ConnectWise estimates that the average provider of monitoring, management, BDR, and help desk services bills clients $125 per seat per month. MSPs who add web content filtering, email encryption, and other basic security services to that package charge $175 per user on average, but those that progress into cybersecurity disciplines like log management, password protection, and threat intelligence earn $250 and up.

According to Bellini, however, cultivating the know-how needed to deliver cybersecurity services is a challenge most channel pros don’t know how to tackle. “They are very confused about what direction they should go in,” he says. “Many of them do not believe that they can transform themselves to deliver cybersecurity services.” The Center of Excellence is charged with helping them through that process.

Training is but one component of a cybersecurity initiative that also includes the creation of what Bellini calls a “security orchestration and automated response” solution. When fully in place, that offering will weave point products from leading security vendors together into an integrated platform equipped to prevent breaches and take appropriate action on its own when it detects a successful attack.

Unite, the centralized provisioning and management portal that ConnectWise unveiled at last year’s IT Nation event and officially launched in April, will provide the foundation for that platform, which will feature a forthcoming open source integration language as well.

“Cybersecurity is something that has to be handled in a holistic fashion,” Bellini says. “There are many solutions that will be put in place, not just one, and those many solutions for cybersecurity defense have to work in concert with each other. That’s where we see ConnectWise playing.”

ConnectWise plans to showcase the first release of its emerging orchestration and automation platform at the 2019 IT Nation Explore event in Orlando next June.

Sienna is unlikely to be the last security-related purchase ConnectWise makes. The company will partner with other vendors as often as it can, according to Bellini, but acquire or invest in companies when it can’t. “When we see things that we feel we have to own because it’s part of the overall security framework of tying everything together, we’ll make acquisitions there,” he says.

At this year’s IT Nation Connect event, Bellini cited the high cost of cybersecurity solutions as an additional possible motivation for future acquisitions and equity investments.

“At the end of the day, the real macroeconomic problem is that cyber companies are charging too much for their products and only enterprises can afford them, so we are using our purchasing power, our investment, and our know-how to bust that up and start creating tools that are affordable for small to midsize businesses to consume,” Bellini told ChannelPro. “Sometimes that means we’re going to have to build it ourselves or commission someone to build it or incentivize someone to build it.”

Bellini and Ford will co-host a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence webinar tomorrow on setting security liability expectations with customers and helping them respond to breaches. ConnectWise will also hold a week-long security boot camp offering intensive education to roughly 15 MSP attendees early next year.

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