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November 27th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Do SMBs truly realize their businesses are at risk? Objections to advanced cybersecurity protection tend to get complicated. From “we’re too small to be legitimate targets” to the tried and true “it’s too costly” comeback, sales teams are often forced to - Read More
October 24th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
When hackers take down a sales office or small CPA firm, forcing employees to pause while the systems are restored or work from home if that process takes a day or more, it’s an unacceptable intrusion. The problem with cybercriminals is they are rarely satisfied with causing those types of - Read More
October 10th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
For any backup environment, data encryption is a big deal because it enables users to restrict access to information to which they do not want anyone else to have access. Across different types of organizations, such as private businesses or government institutions, encryption of data is pursued - Read More
September 19th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
One of the fastest growing segments of the cybersecurity protection market is also one of the most mysterious. The dark web is that shady realm that few understand, including small and mid-size business owners, yet those who ignore the part it plays in breaches and ransomware attacks are more - Read More
September 6th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Over the last year, the IoTSSA team invested a lot of time and energy engaging a variety of channel professionals. We sought feedback on the challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity from the provider, vendor, distribution, and other industry professionals’ perspectives. Those have been - Read More
August 16th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
The Internet of Things offers a host of powerful new capabilities that are transforming our daily lives and the way businesses and government entities operate, but with this comes new vulnerabilities that present challenges to our privacy, data security and network safety. Devices have quickly - Read More
July 26th, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Those in the tech industry seem to have a fascination with creating new vernacular or repurposing old lingo for innovative concepts. Social engineering is one of the latest IT buzz terms to undergo the renaming process. Merriam-Webster defines this method as the “management of human beings in - Read More
July 23rd, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Recently we have performed a survey across CloudBerry Lab customers offering managed IT services to their clients to understand the current MSP market situation and essential needs better. More than 180 MSPs attended the survey and expressed their thoughts on the most vital aspects of the managed - Read More
June 23rd, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Balancing a company’s data protection and productivity needs with its budgetary constraints can be difficult, especially for the MSPs often charged with finding a “happy medium” between quick and secure system access and cost. Providers have to juggle fiscal responsibility with - Read More
May 22nd, 2018 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
Not only are your customers’ IoT devices more vulnerable to tampering than traditional IT assets, many of these devices are designed with minimal protection. Security concerns around the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to have caused some confusion in the market. Companies that over-estimate - Read More