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ReFirm Labs

Sensors, cameras, and other Internet of Things devices are powerful, plentiful, and dangerously difficult to secure, mostly because the tools you use to manage traditional endpoints rely on agents, which few IoT gadgets can accommodate.

Refirm Labs’ Centrifuge Platform detects potential zero-day vulnerabilities, hidden crypto keys, and more in IoT devices.

The Centrifuge Platform from ReFirm Labs is an exception to that rule, however. Give it an image of an IoT device’s firmware and the cloud-based system will automatically evaluate the security of that code, suggest fixes to any vulnerabilities it finds, and continuously warn you of new threats. Created by a team of former NSA cybersecurity operators, Centrifuge detects potential zero-day vulnerabilities, hidden crypto keys, backdoor passwords, and known vulnerabilities in IoT devices without help from agents or access to source code. APIs make integration with third-party management tools possible too.


Blancco Technology Group

Privacy regulations are often every bit as prescriptive about how data is deleted as they are about how it’s stored. Blancco Drive Eraser turns deletion into an easy one-click process, its manufacturer says, while also documenting everything it erases, so channel pros and their clients can prove they disposed of data responsibly should auditors come calling. Better yet, Blancco asserts, MSPs can turn the solution into a source of recurring “erasure-as-a-service” revenue from security-conscious businesses with lots of hard drives to cleanse. Small business bundles that include a year of Level 2 support and an hour of training make the product an affordable option for companies with more modest needs too.


Whether large or small, your customers have lots of files in on-premises storage systems and cloud solutions like Office 365 and Google G Suite. How much do they—or you—know about what’s in all those documents? Egnyte Protect is a content governance solution designed to help businesses find sensitive information and then ensure that it’s used and stored appropriately. Companies can restrict access to specific people, keep files confined to white-listed locations, enforce compliance with regulations like HIPAA or PCI DSS, and more. If someone attempts to break those rules or otherwise behaves suspiciously, moreover, the system will tip you off promptly.

Once a great new innovation, cloud storage isn’t all that impressive anymore, is it? Smart cloud storage of the kind is designed to support can be, however. Equipped with APIs, an SDK, and drag-and-drop development tools simple enough for nondevelopers to use, the system is less an online data repository than a foundation for workflow automation solutions that collect information from multiple sources and feed it back out to third-party applications. The power company serving Las Vegas, for example, uses to consolidate readings from smart meters across the city, export it to a billing application, and then archive it for future reference.

Both per-user and flat-rate subscriptions are available at prices that, according to, leave room for up to 35% margins.

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