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June 26, 2024 |

MSP Tips for Using LLMs like ChatGPT

Here are several essential tips and tricks for maximizing the use of this powerful form of artificial intelligence.

Large language models (LLMs) are transforming the way businesses, including MSPs, are gathering and using data. This guide presents essential tips and tricks for maximizing the use of this powerful form of artificial intelligence.

Ian Richardson of Fox & Crow Group LLC

Ian Richardson

General Advice

  • Ask for Expertise: Tell the LLM what its persona is, such as “marketing expert,” to get more specific advice.
  • Clearly Define What You Want: Ambiguous questions result in imprecise answers. Provide clear and specific instructions every time.
  • Don’t Overcomplicate Things: According to Ian Richardson, principal consultant of Richardson & Richardson Consulting, LLMs work best when tackling ONE task at a time.
  • Provide Custom Instructions: Configure the settings area thoroughly, including with custom instructions, and then tweak it as needed over time.

    Brian J. Weiss of ITECH Solutions

    Brian J. Weiss

  • Prioritize Data Security: Remember that all data entered into an LLM is at risk and may be used to train the AI model.
  • Rewrite The Content, Entirely: The text output from an LLM is a starting point. Fact check it thoroughly and rewrite it from your own perspective.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Pay: The paid version of many LLMs come with killer features like real time web searches, file uploading, increased reliability, commercial usage rights, and image generation.
  • Try Alternative LLMs: Experiment with Microsoft Copilot, Google Bard,,, etc. You may get a slightly better answer from another product.
  • Get Smart and Organized: LLMs are great for drafting checklists, how-to guides, training and operating procedure documents.

    Terry Hedden of Marketopia

    Terry Hedden

  • Powerful Use Cases: Brian J. Weiss with ITECH Solutions mentioned how impactful it can be to upload a PDF version of a book and then generate content based on the book’s guidelines and principles. Use this approach for other tasks to get outputs that adhere to specific criteria and standards.
  • Beware The Dangers: Weiss also acknowledged that the DIKW (data, information, knowledge, wisdom) Pyramid applies to AI as well as humans. Recognize the limitations of the tool and watch for inaccuracies.
  • Don’t Overrely on AI: According to Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden, AI tools are primitive and require significant fact checking. In many cases, Google still is your best friend.

MSP Use Cases

No. 1

PROMPT: Write a [length] [tone] [content type] [goal]. Explain why [fill in the blank].

EXAMPLE: Write a 400-word blog post that is persuasive on the importance of data backups. Explain why law firms need to prioritize data recovery.

No. 2

PROMPT: Please [action] to make this text [adjective].

EXAMPLE: Please re-write the following text to address issues with spelling, grammar, and clarity.

No. 3

PROMPT: List [number] Ways to [goal].

EXAMPLE: List three ways to reset a Microsoft Windows admin password.

No. 4

PROMPT: Compose a [length] [tone] response to a [type of inquiry] that addresses [customer concern] and offers [solution/proactive step].

EXAMPLE: Compose a short, helpful email response to a password reset request that addresses the problem and offers a step-by-step solution for self-service.

No. 5

PROMPT: Brainstorm [number] [type of content] related to [subject].

EXAMPLE: Brainstorm 20 social media post ideas for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

No. 6

PROMPT: Create an excel formula that [goal].

EXAMPLE: Create an excel formula that sums invoice values in Column B but only if the corresponding revenue source is “managed services” in Column A.

No. 7

PROMPT: Draft a [length] [document type] for a client detailing [service standards, response times, next steps].

EXAMPLE: Draft a detailed Microsoft deployment document for a client detailing service standards, response times, and escalation procedures.

No. 8

PROMPT: Create a [length] [detail level] [document type] on [technology/service] that covers [key features/processes] for [audience].

EXAMPLE: Create a comprehensive, intermediate-level tutorial on Power BI that covers visualization techniques for our engineering team.

No. 9

PROMPT: Compose a [length] [tone] post for [social media platform] about [event/topic] that engages [client type] and includes [CTA and hashtags].

EXAMPLE: Compose a short, happy post for LinkedIn regarding Earth Day that encourages nonprofits to attend our technology recycling event and includes a clear call to action and
three relevant hashtags.

No. 10

PROMPT: Act as a [persona] that is [behavior] [action].

EXAMPLE: Act as a salesperson that is responding to common objections to signing a long-term managed services contract. Tell me your approach.

Image: iStock

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